China to get a third telescope for Antarctic observations


Chinese scientists said on Sunday that China will add a third Antarctic Survey Telescope (AST3) to the South Pole array to observe gravitational waves, and introduce more equipment for its observation work.

The AST3-3 telescope is expected to be installed on China's next Antarctic scientific investigation at the Kunlun Station, Wu Xuefeng, a research fellow with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Purple Mountain Observatory, told the Global Times on Sunday.

Wu added that the AST3 team will take part in global cooperation to better observe gravitational waves.

"Gravitational waves offer a new method for astronomers and when this is combined with traditional approaches, such as optical and electromagnetic waves, more data on the universe can be discovered," Chen Xuelei, a research fellow at CAS' National Astronomical Observatories, previously told the Global Times.

Gravitational waves were first discovered by the US's Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory detectors in August. China's AST3-2 observed optical signals, in a separate study, the following day, according to the Chinese Center for Antarctic Astronomy.

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