China to start new-round minesweeping in Yunnan border area

BEIJING, Nov. 17 (ChinaMil) -- With the approval of the State Council and China's Central Military Commission (CMC), the Chinese military and related local governments will launch a joint campaign to clear up the remaining mine fields in the Chinese territory along the China-Vietnam border.

A leading group responsible for minesweeping work in the Yunnan section of the China-Vietnam border, jointly set up by the Yunnan Provincial government, Army of the Chinese PLA Southern Theater Command and the Yunnan Provincial Military Command (MC), held a meeting in Kunming on November 10, at which comprehensive arrangements were made for the new round of minesweeping.

Since China launched mine sweeping actions on the China-Vietnam border in 2015, 41 mine fields covering 18.4 square kilometers in Yunnan have been cleared up with more than 53,000 mines and various explosives swept up.

At the same time, the survey and design of permanent enclosure facilities for all the mine areas have been completed.

This round of mine sweeping will last about one year and be mainly carried out in the border areas in six counties of the Wenshan and Honghe prefectures, including Funing County, Malipo County and Maguan County. A total of 68 mine fields with an area of over 60 square meters will be demined or enclosed.

The mines to be swept this time are located in steep mountain areas, making the job quite dangerous for sappers.

Source:China Military Online