Live streaming highlights life in China’s military

Huang Panyue


A 3-day live streaming show has, for the first time, been allowed to detail the life of soldiers on a Chinese military campus, reports the Hubei Daily.

Seven hosts from a popular Chinese live streaming platform gained permission to enter a military camp in Hubei Province from November 8 to 11. During that time, the hosts lived along side 600 newly recruited soldiers, providing a unique look at a Chinese soldier’s daily life.

Living under the same roof and eating at the same table with the new soldiers, the online celebrities also lived the soldier’s life, taking part in physical exercise, as well as weapons training.

The special live-steaming event is being touted as a way for Chinese society to better understand the “mysteries” of military life in China.

A report from shows that as of November 11, around 104 million people have watched a recording of the live streaming event, with over 45 million leaving a comment.

“I want to be a soldier!” is one of the most frequent comments.

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