Chinese peacekeeping engineers build Gao Airport defense facility

China Military Online
Li Jiayao

GAO, Mali, Dec. 6(ChinaMil) -- The "11.29" car bomb attack last year badly damaged the terminal building of the Gao Airport. MINUSMA decided to build a new terminal building, the Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment was responsible for construction of the airport defense facilities.

The detachment dispatched 30 Chinese engineers driving 12 engineering trucks and armored vehicles to construct the explosion-proof walls and container bunkers around the airport.

A responsible officer of the detachment said that Gao has been on "orange” alert since late August, and the security situation is not optimistic.

He said that during the latest terrorist attack at the airport on September 11 this year, the airport was hit by seven mortar rounds, injuring 2 Malian government soldiers on duty. In addition, the construction material stockpile site is eight kilometers away from the airport and explosive attacks often occur on the road.

To ensure effective response to emergencies, they used drones to conduct low-altitude reconnaissance, armored vehicles to provide full-time escort and early warning system for mine detection.

The Chinese engineers worked an average of nine hours a day in 42 days, making a total of 1,600 sand boxes and 3,000 meters of barbed wire mesh with high quality and high efficiency.

With the solid defense facilities, the new terminal of the Gao Airport has been put into operation since late November.



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