Israel attempts to target Syrian air defenses, radars: state TV

Huang Panyue

Israel is targeting the Syrian air defenses and radars as part of its ongoing missile attack, Syria's official TV reported Thursday.

The Syrian air defenses responded to dozens of Israeli missiles, but some of the missiles hit their target and destroyed one radar station, reports said.

Citing a military source, the TV said tens of Israeli missiles were destroyed.

Earlier, sounds of explosions were heard clearly before daybreak Thursday in capital Damascus.

The air defense missiles were clearly seen as flares of light in the sky, and its rattling sound resembled that of thunder while pursuing their targets.

Israel has seemingly intensified and expanded its cross-border missile strikes on Syrian positions with repeated small-scale attacks.

Meanwhile, the pan-Arab al-Mayadeen TV said the Syrian air defenses are also targeting Israeli missiles in the countryside of Homs province in central Syria and countryside of Damascus, in what appeared to be a broadened offensive after starting in the southern province of Qunaitera.

The Israeli-Syrian tension escalated overnight Wednesday when Israel fired rockets on Syrian military sites in the southern province of Qunaitera. Rockets slammed Israeli military sites in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights afterward in what is believed to be the Syrian response.

This comes as Israeli military sites were also targeted, in what appeared to be a Syrian response to the initial Israeli attack in Qunaitera.

Pan-Arab al-Mayadeen TV said 10 Israeli military positions in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights were targeted by rocket fire.

No party claimed responsibility for the attack but Israel accused Iran of firing the rockets.

Previously, Israel targeted a Syrian military site in the Kisweh area in the southwestern countryside of Damascus, and activists said 15 people were killed, including eight Iranians. Last month, the Israelis targeted two military sites in Syria where Iranian fighters were located, including the T-4 airbase in central Syria.


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