Mi-171 transport helicopter evacuates sick soldier in Ali Plateau

Soldiers use a stretcher to evacuate the sick soldier to a Mi-171 transport helicopter on Jan. 28. The Ali Plateau area of southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region recently witnessed heavy snow and the roads to the border defense posts were all cut off. On Jan. 27, a sharp abdominal pain suddenly hit soldier Luo Bu assigned to the Xilanta Frontier Defense Company under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command (MC) stationed at the altitude of above 4700meters. The situation was so critical that an army aviation brigade with the PLA Xinjiang MC emergently dispatched two aircrews on Jan. 28 to fly to the company and evacuate the sick soldier. Now soldier Luo Bu is in stable condition and under further medical treatment. (eng.chinamil.com.cn/ Photo by Liu Xiaodong)

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Source:China Military Online