Chinese peacekeeping helicopter rescues injured Sudanese


China Military Online
Li Jiayao

KHARTOUM, Feb. 11 (ChinaMil) -- China’s 2nd peacekeeping helicopter detachment to Darfur, Sudan successfully transported two seriously wounded Sudanese residents for life-saving treatment on Thursday morning, local time. This is the second emergency medical rescue mission conducted by the peacekeeping helicopter detachment since its deployment.


It is reported that the duty room of the Chinese peacekeeping helicopter detachment received a phone call on Wednesday morning regarding a serious car accident in a small town located in central Darfur, where two local residents were seriously injured. The combat readiness team responsible for medical backup mission rushed on board and completed the take-off preparation within 20 minutes before flying to the town.


The Chinese helicopter overcame air convection and safely arrived at the United Nations tertiary hospital in Kabkabiya, North Darfur. The attending physician complimented that, "China's peacekeeping helicopter detachment is a trustworthy partner. Their immediate action has won precious time to save the lives of the wounded."


Zhou Kai, captain of the Chinese peacekeeping helicopter detachment, said the detachment always adheres to their oath of "fulfilling peacekeeping mission and safeguarding world peace" with actions.



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