Beijing urges Washington DC to stop interfering in its internal affairs

Li Jiayao

China urges the U.S. to take an objective and fair look at its human rights conditions, and stop interfering in China's internal affairs, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang told a regular briefing one day after Washington DC blasted China in "a league of its own" for alleged violations of human rights.

Lu said on Thursday that the U.S. report was as usual filled with ideological prejudice and groundless accusations, and Beijing has lodged a solemn representation to Washington DC.

"The Chinese government places great importance on the protection and promotion of human rights," he said.

"Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, we have made great achievements in the cause of human rights, which is obvious to the international community."

During the briefing, Lu also advised the U.S. to reflect on its own domestic human rights record, and first, take care of its own affairs.

China on Thursday also published a report, titled "Human Rights Record of the United States in 2018," in response to the 2018 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices issued by the U.S. State Department on March 13, local time.

The 12,000-character report exposes the human rights violations in the U.S. of different areas, including the severe infringement on citizens' civil rights, the prevalence of money politics, the rising income inequality, worsening racial discrimination, and growing threats against children, women and immigrants, as well as the human rights violations caused by the unilateral America First policies.


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