Splendid moments of CPV hero successors

Picture shows paratroopers assigned to the 8th Company of an airborne unit of the PLA Air Force bailing out of a transport aircraft in a parachuting training. The predecessor of this company was the 8th Company, 3rd Battalion, 134th Regiment, 45th Division, 15th Army of the CPV. In the 43 days of the Battle of Shangganling (aka Battle of Triangle Hill), the 8th Company wiped out 1,765 enemies in total and occupied the position in the main peak of the Shangganling in a counterattack operation. After the Battle of Shangganling, the 8th Company was awarded a Collective Special-Class Merit by the CPV and from then on, the company had a heroic name --- the Special Merit 8th Company in Shangganling. (PLA Daily/Photo by Fang Chao)

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