Splendid moments of CPV hero successors

Picture shows a fighter jet attached to the 1st Flight Group with an aviation brigade under the PLA Air Force firing rockets against mock targets. The predecessor of the flight group was the 1st Flight Group, 9th Regiment, 3rd Division of the PLA Air Force. In October of 1951, the one-year-old flight group headed by its leader Wang Hai participated in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. During the war, the flight group attended more than 80 air battles and achieved a brilliant record of shooting down and wounding 29 U.S. fighters, among which, Wang Hai shot down 4 and wounded 5. The flight group was honored as the “Heroic Wang Hai Group”. In 1964, the flight group was named “Wang Hai Group” by the PLA Air Force. In recent years, airmen in this group actively participate in combat-readiness training. A total of 8 persons in this group have won the PLA Air Force Golden Helmets and Golden Darts, two top prizes for most skillful pilots respectively in fighter jets’ air-to-air combat competitions and air penetration and assault combat competitions. (PLA Daily/Photo by Shi Yongjin)

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