Fighter jets in 2-day continuous flight training task

A fighter jet attached to a naval aviation brigade under the PLA Southern Theater Command takes off for a 2-day continuous flight training exercise from February 24 to 25. Multi types of fighter jets participated in the flight training mission which included various offense and defense operations. ( by Gao Hongwei)
战机单机起飞。2月24至25日,南部战区海军航空兵某旅连续两日组织自由空战训练,数十架歼击机、几十名飞行员轮番升空,多波次的攻防演练极大考验了飞行员的技战术水平,锤炼了部队作战能力。(英文中国军网、英文国防部网/高宏伟 摄影报道)

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Source:China Military Online