Frigate Yantai fires jamming bombs in Yellow Sea

7月下旬,北部战区海军某驱逐舰支队组织舰艇编队赴黄海某海域开展实战化协同演练。在持续一周的演练中,官兵紧贴实战,先后开展编队对空对海作战、联合搜救、编队反潜和舰机联合等课目训练,锤炼编队协同作战能力。图为主炮射击。(英文中国军网、英文国防部网/杜江帆 摄影报道)
The guided-missile frigate Yantai (Hull 538) attached to a destroyer flotilla with the navy under the PLA Northern Theater Command fires its main gun at mock sea targets during a maritime live-fire training exercise in waters of the Yellow Sea in late July. The training exercise focused on subjects including striking maritime and aerial targets, joint search and rescue, anti-submarine operation, warship and airplane cooperative training. ( by Du Jiangfan)

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Source:China Military Online