Paratroopers train in Tibet

A paratrooper assigned to a special operations brigade under the PLA Tibet Military Command opens his parachute while descending to the drop zone after jumping out of a transport helicopter during a training exercise on July 30, 2021. This exercise effectively beefed up the paratroopers’ multi-dimensional assault and penetrating strike capabilities on plateau. ( by Wang Shudong)
7月30日,西藏军区某特战旅百余名特战官兵携伞乘机飞上高空,顺利完成年度首次伞降。此次训练有效提升官兵在高原地区立体突击、渗透打击的能力。(英文中国军网、英文国防部网/王述东 摄影报道)

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Source:China Military Online