Government plan encourages retired soldiers to start small businesses

Global Times
Yao Jianing

Reemployment and welfare of veterans came under the spotlight recently after 12 government bodies, including the Ministry of Veteran Affairs, jointly issued a document in early August to implement better treatment for retired soldiers.

Many veterans who devote themselves to the military and the defense of China face many difficulties when returning to civilian life, because society changes a lot during their term of service, Song Zhongping, a military expert, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

In response to the problem, the authorities demand a diverse education and training system for demobilized soldiers to enrich their knowledge and skills to help them adapt to civilian life, the Xinhua News Agency reported in early August.

It is important that authorities also provide avenues of employment that link veterans with companies, as retired soldiers do not have sufficient social resources to easily find a compatible job even though they are qualified, Song said.

The authorities demand companies and social organizations give veterans priority in employment and offer relaxed recruitment terms. The government will create a favorable environment for retired soldiers to start their own businesses, with financial and tax incentives, according to Xinhua.

Legal protection is also indispensable for proper treatment of veterans. Equality of benefits should be guaranteed for all retired soldiers regardless of when they leave the army, Song said.

He explained that only under a long-term mechanism safeguarded by laws will demobilized soldiers be relieved from worries about life after retirement.


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