PLA Air Force to host aviation open day activities in Changchun

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By Liu Junyi and Li Jianwen

CHANGCHUN, Aug. 29 (ChinaMil) – The PLA Air Force will host aviation open day activities featuring "Dream High in Aerospace" at the Aviation University of the PLA Air Force from August 30 to September 2, according to a media briefing in Changchun city, capital of northeast China's Jilin Province on August 28, 2018.

The PLA Air Force will welcome more than 1,400 new pilot cadets at the opening ceremony on August 30. The open days, which include various activities such as aerobatic show, skydiving performance, model airplane performance, actual combat simulations, static equipment exhibition, aviation simulator experience and barracks opening, will be hosted from Steptember1 to 2.

"The aerobatic show for this year's aviation open day is expected to be more diverse compared to previous years. We have new equipment to display and the audience can experience the atmosphere of simulated air battle on site," Chief of Staff of the PLA Air Force Aviation University Senior Colonel Qiao Zengqiang said.

Those activities will demonstrate the achievements of strategic transformation and construction of the PLA Air Force in the new era, which can enhance the sense of responsibility of the whole society in aerospace safety, and inspire the enthusiasm and motivation of people from all walks of life to support the construction of the Chinese Air Force, said Qiao.

There are three highlights of the open day activity this year.

First, the aerobatic show is more diverse. The Aviation University of the PLA Air Force will send two flight demonstration teams, the "Sky Wing" and the "Red Eagle", as well as the "Blue Eagle" parachute team and a model airplane team to participate in the open day activities. The J-10 fighter jets and JL-10 fighter trainer airplanes of the Bayi Aerobatics Team will put on performance, too. Among them, the "Red Eagle" team will demonstrate two new special maneuvers, including a formation with six planes diving simultaneously like scattering flowers and a formation with two planes conducting circulating flight around the same axis, making the performance both interesting and visually appealing.

Second, new equipment will be exhibited during the activity. Forty-two types of equipment will be displayed in the show, setting a new record in the aviation open day activities. The HQ-12A ground-to-air anti-aircraft missile weapon system will participate in the static display for the first time. Y-8C transport aircraft and Su-30 fighter jet will also be exhibited. The newly added air combat and air delivery sectors will demonstrate the air force's main battle equipment style.

Third, the actual combat demonstration will also make its debut. The ground combat by airborne troops and the simulated air combat by J-10S and J-11BS fighters will be held for the first time to provide the audience a unique opportunity to experience the actual combat atmosphere at close range and learn the actual combat training level of the PLA Air Force.


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