More CPVA martyrs' remains to return to China from ROK in April

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo

By Chai Hua

Soldiers participated in the handover ceremony of the 5th batch of remains of Chinese People's Volunteer Army soldiers at the Incheon International Airport on March 28, 2018.

BEIJING, January 24 (ChinaMil) -- The 6th batch of remains of Chinese People's Volunteer Army (CPVA) soldiers killed in the 1950-1953 Korean War will be be handed over to China by the Republic of Korea (ROK) before the Qingming Festival, said China’s Ministry of Veterans Affairs (MVA) on Wednesday.

China’s MVA held consultations with the ROK Ministry of National Defense on Wednesday morning in Beijing. The two sides reached an agreement on the handover and signed the minutes of the meeting. According to the agreement, the ROK will hand over to China another batch of remains and related relics of the CPVA soldiers in the ROK on April 3rd. Before the remains are handed over, a ceremony will be jointly held by the two sides on April 1st in the ROK.

China and the ROK follow humanitarian principles and adhere to the spirit of friendly consultation and pragmatic cooperation. From 2014 to 2018, remains of 589 CPVA soldiers were handed over to China by the ROK. The ROK will continue to hand over remains of CPVA soldiers found in its territory.




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