Chinese peacekeepers to Sudan brace for possible emergencies

China Military Online
Xu Yi
File Photo

By Ma Yichong and Xiong Jialei

KHARTOUM, Feb. 26 (ChinaMil) -- Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir declared the country-wide state of emergency on February 22. Reporters learnt on February 26 that the 15th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to Darfur in Sudan has been closely monitoring security development in the mission area for days as well as actively preparing for possible emergencies.

Demonstrations in Sudan first erupted in December last year over rising commodity prices and currency devaluation. The protests have since spread to several cities. In view of the deteriorating domestic situation, Sudanese President Bashir declared a one-year state of emergency in a televised speech on Friday and said he would dissolve the central government as well as state governments.

On Friday evening, operations command of the 15th Chinese peacekeeping engineer detachment to Darfur in Sudan conducted a situational assessment in order to enhance the security plan. Over the past few days, emergency drills for integrated defense in construction routes and the camp have also been organized by the detachment in order to test and practise the peacekeepers' ability to cope with emergencies. The detachment also took the initiative to coordinate the relevant departments of the African Union/United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) to reinforce security facilities around the camp.

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