Lebanese envoys visit Chinese peacekeeping troops

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Huang Panyue

Chinese peacekeeper introduces minesweeping and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) equipment to the Lebanese envoys. (Photo by Zhang Guijie)

By Zhang Guijie and Yang Shuangquan

LEBANON, Nov. 20 (ChinaMil) -- A 47-member Lebanese envoys delegation visited the 17th Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon on November 17, local time, under the guidance of Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon Wang Kejian and Military Attaché Ouyang Haisheng.

The Chinese peacekeepers introduced the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as well as China’s development and construction achievements to Lebanese envoys. They also introduced the work of Chinese peacekeepers in the mission area of southern Lebanon through video report and showcased their standard operating procedures for manual mine clearance, as well as minesweeping and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) equipment.

After the visit, Lebanese envoys all spoke highly of the work done by Chinese peacekeepers in maintaining peace and stability in southern Lebanon.

The Lebanese envoys delegation consisted of 47 former ambassadors of the Lebanese government. The head of delegation, Mr. Farid Samaha, former Lebanese Ambassador to China, initiated this visit, which was coordinated by the Chinese Embassy in Lebanon.

The purpose of this visit primarily focused on understanding the work and contributions made by Chinese peacekeeping force in Lebanon and further enhancing the friendly relations between China and Lebanon. This was the first visit by the Lebanese government's delegation since the deployment of the Chinese peacekeeping force to the mission area.

Farid Samaha, head of the Lebanese envoys delegation and former Lebanese Ambassador to China, delivers a speech. (Photo by Yin Bo)

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