Chinese hospital ship Peace Ark wraps up visit to Ecuador

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo

By Hao Yunfu and Jiang Shan

PORT OF GHUAYAQUIL, Nov. 23 (ChinaMil) -- The Chinese PLA Navy’s hospital ship Peace Ark (Hull 866), currently on its Harmonious Mission 2018, left the Port of Guayaquil on Thursday after completing a visit to Ecuador.

Medical personnel on the Peace Ark had provided medical services to local people during the visit. 4,333 diagnosis and treatments, 3,506 auxiliary examinations including CT and DR, and 38 cases of surgery were conducted.

The Peace Ark sent two medical teams to the local nursing home to provide diagnosis and treatment services, and five expert teams to Ecuador’s Marine Corps Barracks, the Naval Hospital, the Guayaquil Municipal Library, and hospitals in Trinidad, to carry out lectures and exchanges on such topics as combat wound care and treatment techniques, infectious disease control, and diabetes prevention.

During the visit, Commander of the Harmonious Mission 2018 paid courtesy calls on the chief of naval operations of Ecuador, the Guayas Province Governor and other government and military officials of Ecuador.

Chinese officers and soldiers on Peace Ark performed with the military band of the Ecuadorian Navy in Guayaquil's downtown and paid visit to a base of the Ecuadorian Navy. The sailors of two navies also held a friendly football match.

The Peace Ark also organized open day activities and received 11 batches of more than 380 Ecuadorian military and government officials, officers and soldiers, and medical personnel.

Lt. Gen. Roque Moreira, the army commander of Ecuador, boarded the Peace Ark to visit Chinese medical staff and local people hospitalized in the ship on November 20. Lt. Gen. Moreira also attended a deck reception and expressed his sincere gratitude to the Chinese government and the Chinese Navy on behalf of the Ecuadorian government, armed forces, and the people.

Chinese Ambassador to Ecuador Wang Yulin said that the Peace Ark provided medical services and carried out various exchanges during its first visit to Ecuador. That was well welcomed by local people and had effectively promoted mutual understanding and traditional friendship between the two peoples. This visit was a true reflection of big love and moreover, a concrete practice of building a community of shared future for China and Ecuador, added Wang.

Next, the Peace Ark will leave for Chile to participate in the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the Chilean Navy.



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