"Yang Leifeng" volunteers recruited for 7th Military World Games

Li Jiayao
2019-04-10 23:40:15

WUHAN, April 10 (Xinhua) -- The ongoing recruitment of city volunteers for the 7th Military World Games has seen 178 applicants eager to become "Yang Leifeng", the nickname of a volunteer group of foreign students in the host city of Wuhan, who are said to be ready to help others just like Chinese folk hero Lei Feng.

"We look forward to offering some help to this great sports event," said group leader Lugazo Abubakar, who hails from Tanzania and is studying for master's degree at Central China Normal University.

"I learned about Lei Feng in China, and like other group members, I am willing to become a person like him," said Silva, a PhD student from Albania. "It makes me feel comfortable, especially when people trust you to offer some help." She has been in the Yang Leifeng volunteer group for five years.

Deeply touched by Lei Feng's spirit of selflessness, in the year of 2012, several foreign students in Wuhan formed this "Yang Lei Feng" Volunteer group. Since then, they have participated in many activities and regularly appear in public places such as train stations, blood donation centers, and environmental protection events. Now it has grown into a big volunteer group consisting of 137 foreign students from over 50 countries.

"They have served as volunteers at several big sporting events like the Wuhan Marathon and the Wuhan Open. I believe they will serve well at the upcoming Military World Games," said Zuobin, Dean of the International Cultural Department at Central China Normal University.

According to local authorities, including this group of "Yang Leifeng", up to 50,000 people have registered as city volunteers. During the Military World Games, they will offer services such as city guidance, language service, cultural interpretation, sports promotion and other activities in urban transportation hubs, business centers and tourist resorts.

The 7th Military World Games will be held in Wuhan, Hubei province from October 18 to 27.

Lei Feng was a soldier in China's People's Liberation Army who became characterized as a model citizen, selfless and devoted to the people of China. After his death, Leifeng remained a cultural icon representing people who are ready and willing to help others.

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