Chinese teams keep fighting as IAG 2019 draws to an end

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2019-08-13 18:48:44

BEIJING, Aug. 13 (ChinaMil) -- On the morning of August 12, the "Safe Environment" relay contest of the International Army Games (IAG) 2019 was held in Korla competition area in northwest China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The Chinese team, composed of a division under the PLA’s Xinjiang Military Command, won the first place.

The "Safe Environment" competition mainly tests the anti-chemical warfare corps’ abilities of anti-chemical reconnaissance vehicles driving in complex road conditions, Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) reconnaissance and decontamination. As all contests in "Safe Environment" are completed, the Chinese team has taken all the first places.

On the same morning, the winner of the multi-ability contest in the "Clear Sky" competition held in Korla also went to the Chinese team. The multi-ability contest is designed to test the participants’ comprehensive combat abilities. Each team has to drive its fighting vehicle to pass obstacles on the closed track, while shooting ground and aerial targets with rifles, high-altitude machine guns and missiles. The final phase of the "Clear Sky" will be held on August 13 in Korla.

At present, the IAG 2019 in Russia has also entered the final stage.

On August 8, the Survival Trail contest of the "Seaborne Assault" competition was held at the Khmelevka test site, Kaliningrad region in Russia and the Chinese team won the second place. The contest, which aims to test the comprehensive combat skills of the whole group, requires participants to cross field obstacles with weapons and equipment, and to compete in events such as combat shooting and wounded rescue, representing a great challenge for participants’ physical strength, skills and intelligence.

 On August 9, the "Military Rally" ended on the outskirts of Kyzyl, Russia. Compared with last year, this year has seen more complicated road conditions, worse stadium environment, more stringent game rules and intense atmosphere of actual combat. The Chinese team competed with its rivals from four countries including Russian through different stages of cycling race, chasing race, fire race and team race, winning four second place and one third place.

On August 12, the "Airborne Platoon" combat vehicle relay race, which was attended by seven countries, closed at a test site on the outskirts of StrugiKrasnie, Pskov, and the Chinese team won third place. Coming at the end of the "Airborne Platoon" competition, the combat vehicle relay race is one of the more competitive and practical races that are popular among the military fans. The Chinese team used domestically-made ZBD-03 light tracked infantry fighting vehicle, while the other teams used Russia-made BMD-2 infantry fighting vehicles and the improved types, to pass through obstacles and shoot in a closed space of nearly 6 kilometers. After the game, members of the Russian and the Chinese team had a friendly interaction to close-watch and test-drive each other’s competing vehicles.

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