Baqeri: Iran, China reviewing 25-year strategic relations document

Huang Panyue
2019-12-04 16:40:27


TEHRAN - Mohammad Baqeri, chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, announced on Tuesday that Tehran and Beijing are reviewing an important document which will guarantee joint strategic cooperation for the next 25 years.

Major General Baqeri’s remarks came in a meeting in Tehran with Lieutenant General Shao Yuanming, deputy chief of Joint Staff Department of China's Central Military Commission.

“Iran’s Leader views Tehran-Beijing relations as strategic. The Chinese president has also similar view towards the issue,” Baqeri said.

He further said, “Iran has drafted an important document over the strategy of 25 years of relationship between the two nations. The document has been handed over to the Chinese officials. The document has been prepared by the highest-ranking Iranian officials. The Leader has also confirmed the document.”

The top general said other countries cannot affect the growing ties between Iran and China.

“Other countries’ views and their hostilities could not affect the Tehran-Beijing relations. We hope that the Chinese officials’ point of view towards the document and their response to our strategic offer to help expand bilateral ties,” the Iranian commander said.

The Chinese military commander, for his part, evaluated Baqeri’s recent trip to his country as positive and said, “The trip founded a suitable bedrock for more cooperation between the armed forces of the two friendly nations.”

In his trip to China in mid-September, Baqeri said Iran attaches great significance to promotion of ties with China in different sectors, including military.

General Baqeri made the remarks in a meeting in Beijing with General Li Zuocheng, the chief of China’s Joint Staff Department of the Central Military Commission.

“Iran attaches great significance to its relations with the People’s Republic of China in all areas. We have long-standing ties in the military sector as well, and we hope this visit can be a turning point in the development and reinforcement of the relations,” Baqeri said.

Heading a high-ranking military delegation, Baqeri visited China for a three-day trip with the aim of promoting bilateral defense diplomacy.

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