PLA Northern Theater Command to improve diets of frontier guards

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2019-11-29 20:34:55
(File Photo)

By Song Zixun and Zhang Xiaodong

SHENYANG, Nov. 29 (ChinaMil) -- Recently, the Support Department of Ground Force under the PLA Northern Theater Command launched an activity themed “Chefs Going to Frontiers”. They organized a batch of famous chefs to visit the outpost stations of the border-defense forces, where the chefs conducted vocational skills appraisals for the cooks in grass-roots troops, taught them practical cooking skills and found out the dietary needs of grass-roots officers and soldiers.

Logistic assistant Lan Gang introduced that the frontier and coastal defense troops under the PLA Northern Theater Command Army have a large number of personnel and outpost stations that are widely distributed. In the cookhouses of these troops, members with graded cooking certificates only account for 70%, and most of the cooking staff are self-taught. Due to a lack of professional training, they are not good at arranging healthy and delicious meals.

He added that carrying out the “Famous Chefs Going to Borders” activity is just to provide a learning opportunity to those who have been working in cooking positions at the border and coastal defense troops for a long time but have not obtained graded certificates of cook.

It is learnt that this activity lasted for 12 days, and the team traveled more than 5,800 kilometers, sending practical cooking tutorials for first-line cooks in the grass-roots barracks. The chefs gave on-spot instructions on plateau diet, ethnic catering, field training meals, etc. In addition, they conducted graded appraisals for 94 grass-roots cooks, among whom 17 obtained intermediate and advanced certificates, and 56 obtained junior ones.

With the help of these famous chefs, the professional skills of cooks in frontier defense and coastal troops have been improved to a new level.

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