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Every move of US warship Milius as it passed through the Taiwan Strait on April 16 was tracked and monitored, said the Chinese PLA Eastern Theater Command on Monday.
A US RC-135 reconnaissance plane deliberately intruded into a PLA naval routine training exercise in the South China Sea on May 26. The US action seriously undermined regional peace and stability, a military spokesperson said on Wednesday.
More than 760 pieces of Spring Festival groceries, including lanterns, Spring Festival couplets, fruits, meat, computers, televisions, air conditioners, automatic washing machines, tables and chairs for study, have recently been delivered to the Tielieketi border defense company in Xinjiang.
Vostok 2022 strategic military exercises kicked off in Russia on August 31. China, Algeria, India, Belarus, Tajikistan, Mongolia and other countries have sent troops to participate in the exercise.
The first-batch 165 members of the 12th Chinese peacekeeping contingent to South Sudan (Wau) set off from the mission area and returned home on December 1, after completing their one-year peacekeeping mission, according to the rotation deployment order.