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US's intervention in Taiwan question is a wrong option, doomed to fail
Whether from the perspective of preserving the strategic credibility of the US, maintaining the status quo in the Taiwan Strait, or being unable to win three regional wars, the US's intervention in the Taiwan question is a wrong option, and is doomed to fail.
04-19 21:35:53
Nuclear policies of US, Japan are real threats to world
The statement employed cunning rhetoric to confuse the public, which reveals US and Japan's ulterior motive of undermining global and regional strategic security and stability under the guise of the so-called China's nuclear threats. In fact, it is the US and Japan's adverse developments in nuclear policies and nuclear issues that truly threaten the world and deserve high vigilance of the international community.
04-17 18:15:02
US, Japan should cease interfering in South China Sea issue
On April 10, the leaders of the US and Japan issued a joint statement at their meeting in Washington. As countries outside the South China Sea, the US and Japan mentioned the issue concerning this region multiple times in the statement.
04-17 18:04:30
Perilous shift in Japan-US alliance impacts regional peace, stability
To loosen the restraints on Japan's military expansion and combat preparedness, the US further intensified its alliance system with itself at the core by strengthening its ties with Japan. Analysts commented that the relevant moves would drive the Japan-US alliance to veer toward a more dangerous direction.
04-17 10:03:49
Regional countries should not underestimate destructive impact of Philippines on security situation in South China Sea
The Marcos government is treading on a dangerous path of jeopardizing the peace and stability of the South China Sea region for its own interests. The countries in the region should not underestimate the destructive power of the Philippines' collaboration with non-regional forces and its impact on the security of the South China Sea region.
04-16 18:21:20
Hidden intentions behind Japan's dangerous moves
Recently, Japan has been engaging in a slew of dangerous moves, including significantly upgrading the US-Japan Security Treaty, collaborating with the US, Australia, and the Philippines to launch a joint military drill in the South China Sea, and seeking to join AUKUS... Such moves have triggered opposition from different sides.
04-16 11:27:56
Unveiling realities of mutual defense between Washington, its allies
Washington has recently claimed that any attack on Philippine aircraft, vessels or armed forces in the South China Sea would invoke the mutual defense treaty between the United States and the Philippines.
04-16 23:01:08
Trilateral statement a firm commitment to troublemaking in the Asia-Pacific region
Tellingly, the trilateral statement tries to pin the blame on China for "dangerous and destabilizing conduct" at Huangyan Island. And it calls on China to abide by what the latter has repeatedly declared as illegitimate — the 2016 Arbitral Tribunal decision — calling it "final and legally binding".
04-16 00:15:54
China-Vietnam hotline sets example for handling of maritime disputes
The Philippines should stop playing the role of a pawn in Washington's geopolitical games, which is to the detriment of its own interests, and instead take a leaf out of Vietnam's book and work with China to properly manage their differences, and not let their territorial disputes undermine the potential for cooperation.
04-16 00:10:54
Increased US-ROK space military cooperation detrimental to regional stability
The ROK Defense Ministry recently announced that the country's second military spy satellite was successfully launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida of the US. Like the first spy satellite launched by the ROK in December last year, this satellite was sent into orbit by a US Falcon 9 carrier rocket.
04-15 18:01:28
AUKUS makes more mistakes by roping in Japan
If Japan joins AUKUS, the reach of this alliance will be extended to Northeast Asia, bringing more negative repercussions to the region. This military alliance full of Cold War mentality is not in line with regional security interests and runs counter to the Asia-Pacific integration process. There is no need for it to exist in the first place.
04-15 11:28:14
Japan under Kishida plays with fire, risks burning itself
Kishida seems to believe that strengthening military relations with the US, UK and Australia will enhance Japan's security and raise its international status, while also benefiting from closer cooperation with the US in high-end technology development and seeking US relaxation on Japanese arms exports.
04-14 23:04:25
Japan intensively promotes overseas military cooperation
Analysts pointed out that Japan is expanding its military partnership by establishing regular consultation mechanisms, concluding bilateral military agreements and participating in multilateral joint military exercises, in a bid to lay the groundwork for achieving its strategic maneuvers.
04-14 20:36:29
Dramatic shift from Pacifism raises concern
Japan's recent military buildup, which marks a dramatic shift from its Pacifist Constitution, is causing negative impacts on peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region, experts said, calling on Tokyo to prioritize its people's interests and promote peaceful cooperation.
04-14 00:35:18
US should no longer veto Palestine's bid for full UN membership
Now is the time for the US to fulfill its commitments of support with practical actions. The aspirations of Palestine to have full UN membership are overwhelming, and the US cannot cast a veto again. It should respect and safeguard the legitimate rights and political status of Palestine with concrete actions.
04-13 00:22:01
Regional countries must guard against U.S. ploy to destabilize Asia-Pacific
Washington's attempts to undermine this progress by imposing a beggar-thy-neighbor policy and inciting bloc confrontation pose a serious threat to the region's cooperative framework. Countries in the region must remain vigilant against following the United States' destructive agenda.
04-12 23:43:37