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Japan's new ocean policy document reveals sinister intentions
As a national policy of Japan's ocean strategy, the plan is in line with the three security policy documents. Instead of focusing on the peaceful use of the ocean and peaceful settlement of disputes, it repeatedly uses words such as rapid changes and profound threats to exaggerate security threats to break through the constraints of the peace constitution and find excuses for increasing defense budget and strengthening the so-called defense forces.
06-02 18:13:54
The Asian way key to building peace
The 20th Shangri-La Dialogue, to be held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore from June 2 to 4, is expected to promote peace and development in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, considering that it will bring together defense ministers of many countries to discuss security issues in the Asia-Pacific region and work out the ways to maintain peace.
06-02 10:24:14
Who conducted unnecessarily aggressive acts?
​Whatever excuse the US side might offer, it cannot deny the fact that an RC-135 surveillance plane entered the zone in which the People's Liberation Army Navy was conducting routine training in the South China Sea on May 26. Neither can it alter the fact that the flight route brought the plane to within about 50 kilometers of China's coast at the nearest point.
06-02 10:23:05
Where would India, Australia defense cooperation go
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his 3-day visit to Australia on May 23 and the bilateral defense cooperation was an important part of the agenda. In recent years, the relationship between India and Australia has obviously improved and their defense cooperation has been increasingly strengthened. As India and Australia are both members of the QUAD, Modi's visit attracted wide attention.
06-01 21:12:27
Why China-US defense chief dialogue faces difficulties?
A military expert pointed out that the current US actions are self-contradictory and questionable. On the one hand, the US claims that it hopes to maintain military communication with China and set up a so-called guardrail for China-US relations; on the other hand, the US keeps provoking China and infringing upon its interests.
05-31 22:21:22
A glimpse of diplomatic intentions at LIMA 2023
The 16th Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA 2023) was held in Langkawi, Malaysia from May 23 to 27. As analyzed by Cao Weidong, a military expert, the types and scales of equipment exhibited by various countries serve to reveal the different diplomatic intentions and considerations of these countries.
05-31 20:50:59
US undermines stability in Europe through Ukraine crisis
The US leveraged the crisis to further bind Europe’s dependence on them for energy and security, restricting European strategic autonomy. The deteriorating security situation has prompted European countries to increase their military spending, while the US has reaped the benefits. European countries have disproportionately borne the economic costs of war and the refugee crisis.
05-31 18:00:05
Probe into frequent US military aircraft crashes
Recently, an F-16 fighter jet of the US Forces Korea (USFK) crashed in Pyeongtaek, ROK, which was in succession to the tragedy of two Apache helicopters and two Black Hawk helicopters that happened not long ago. The successive plane crash accidents exposed the US military's vulnerability in equipment maintenance and support, and also reflected its military deterrence policy characterized by intensive exercises and training.
05-31 16:23:49
Shangri-La Dialogue: A Chinese perspective
It is reasonable that during the Dialogue, China will be happy to discuss with other countries the GSI concept as a new approach to further common security in Asia and even across the globe, even though it might take time for other countries involved in the Dialogue to realize the true implications of the GSI.
05-30 21:46:44
NATO is creating another battlefield on European continent
From the perspective of the US, the country is not concerned about the possibility of more wars breaking out in Europe, as it is not directly involved in the region. Washington can withdraw its military forces at any time. Washington actually hopes to see chaos in Europe, as well as the mess of the European economy and Europe's dependence on the US. The US does not want a united and strong Europe to exist.
05-31 16:15:04
The US should not conjecture China's space ambitions with skewed mindset
Not all countries share the same level of vision as China. While China's aerospace industry is rapidly advancing, the US, on one hand, has closed its doors to space cooperation with China. It not only excludes China from the International Space Station but also imposes technological restrictions on China. On the other hand, it goes even further by introducing more militaristic elements into space.
05-31 16:13:18
US seeks to smear China's peace brokering
While China's special representative for Eurasian affairs Li Hui was shuttling from Ukraine to Poland, France, Germany and Russia to thread the needle for a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine crisis, some media outlets in the United States kept pouring dirty water on his efforts in a bid to smear China's pro-peace efforts by claiming he was doing Moscow's bidding.
05-31 16:11:02
Japan must stop making noises over Taiwan
According to Japanese news outlet Sankei, some members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party held a discussion with Chinese guests on the Taiwan Strait situation last week. At the meeting, Sun Jianguo, head of China Institute for International Strategic Studies, asked what Japan would think if the island of Okinawa were to seek independence, arousing fierce opposition from LDP lawmakers.
05-31 16:09:38
Development of Peace and Friendship military exercise series conducive to regional peace and stability
China and five ASEAN countries will hold the Peace and Friendship-2023 joint exercise, according to the PLA Southern Theater Command. Experts on international issues pointed out that the Peace and Friendship series of joint drills has developed rapidly in recent years, which indicates that the security cooperation between China and ASEAN countries has continuously taken new steps.
05-30 17:53:12
Beijing making unswerving pro-peace efforts
China has been talking to both Russia and Ukraine, consistently urging both sides to put an immediate stop to the fighting and start negotiations on a political settlement. It is to this end that China's special representative for Eurasian affairs Li Hui has just concluded his visits to Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany and Russia.
05-30 09:42:39
France on rough road to advancing European strategic autonomy
Experts point out that against the background of intensified security challenges, the EU security strategy is drifting away from its goal of "defense autonomy". In the future, France still needs to overcome many internal and external obstacles when promoting the related agenda of European strategic autonomy.
05-29 23:23:22