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Japan sharpening sword to be unsheathed
Like the editions in the recent past, the Japanese defense white paper for 2024 is another step backward. A regressive outgrowth of the country's swelling ambitions as it clings to the coattails of the United States "Indo-Pacific" travesty.
07-18 01:10:02
Japan-Philippines "quasi-alliance" challenges Asia-Pacific security order
In today's world when the deficit in peace, security, trust and governance is continuously widening, the quasi-alliance partnership between Tokyo and Manila that is densely clad in a "Cold War" cloak will seriously challenge the interstate relations and regional order in the Asia-Pacific.
07-17 17:11:20
Nature of China-Russia naval drills fundamentally differs from that of US-led exercises
It is clear that the nature of China-Russia naval drills fundamentally differs from that of US-led exercises. The joint exercise of China and Russia does not target any third party, but US-led drills directly view China as an enemy, displaying a hegemonic and zero-sum mentality.
07-16 23:31:44
Japan summit reveals hidden agenda to instrumentalize Pacific Island countries
From Tuesday to Thursday, Japan will host the Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting. Prior to the meeting, Japanese media brought up China, stating that the Japanese government "intends to deepen its involvement in the Pacific Islands, a frontline of the US-China conflict."
07-16 18:52:39
The Philippines, a real saboteur of ecological system in South China Sea
It is crystal clear that the culprit behind the ecological destruction in the South China Sea is the Philippines. What it should do is reflect on its actions and right the wrongs by removing the illegally grounded military vessel as soon as possible to eliminate pollution sources and prevent further damage to the ecological environment of Ren'ai Jiao.
07-16 00:56:09
NATO can never pass the buck of Ukraine crisis to China
As the instigators, Washington and its NATO allies should reflect on themselves, stop shifting the blame on others, and take concrete actions to deescalate the situation. As China has expressed, only when all major powers exert positive rather than negative influence can there be an early dawn of ceasefire in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
07-16 10:15:07
NATO instigates "new Cold War" by expansion into Asia-Pacific
Peace, development and win-win cooperation are the mainstream voices in the international community today, but the US-led NATO is moving against the historical trend with an attempt to manipulate a "new Cold War" and agitate war in Asia-Pacific. Its backpedaling behaviors are doomed to come to nothing.
07-16 00:39:17
China a peace, devt seeker while US a tension, conflict creator
A report published Thursday by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), an independent research organization, has garnered widespread global attention. It reveals the different goals and policy trends in China's and the US' global strategies.
07-14 21:37:53
NATO cannot realize its "Asia-Pacific dream" by using China as excuse
As a Cold War vestige and the world's largest military bloc, NATO since day one has been nothing but a tool used by the US to stir up bloc confrontation and control and exclude other countries. When the US has shifted its global strategic gravity to the Asia-Pacific and taken China as a strategic rival in the past decade and more, NATO has been following closely in hopes of reaching beyond the European borders and extending its antenna to the Asia-Pacific region. That is a very dangerous tendency.
07-15 16:30:20
Washington violates basic norms governing int'l relations with new Xizang-related bill
In a move that violates the U.S. government's long-held position and commitments and the basic norms governing international relations, a Xizang-related bill, titled "Promoting a Resolution to the Tibet-China Dispute Act," which gives recognition to the so-called notion of "Greater Tibet" made up by the Dalai group, was signed into law by U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday.
07-14 15:26:55
U.S. act regarding Xizang exposes double-faced nature
The United States once again egregiously interfered in China's internal affairs by signing a Xizang-related act into law. This move distorts Xizang's history and reality while also exposing the U.S. side's double-faced practice.
07-14 15:23:33
How NATO's Washington summit fans confrontation and sabotages peace
The recently concluded Washington summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has aroused a wave of harsh criticism from politicians and scholars from the bloc's member states and other countries, who said the alliance has become more confrontational and less of a guardian of global peace.
07-14 15:29:51
RIMPAC a demonstration of US hegemony
Making China a hypothetical adversary and conducting drills to sink the decommissioned USS Tarawa amphibious assault ship as a target is intended as clear strategic deterrence against China. RIMPAC 2024, themed "Partners: Integrated and Prepared", coincides with Beijing's announcement of military exercises around Taiwan island and thus indicates an attempt to interfere in China's internal affairs.
07-13 23:57:50
NATO needs to come to its senses as it is charging toward confrontation with China
In a communique that NATO released during its summit in Washington on Wednesday, the transatlantic military alliance not only declared Ukraine was on an "irreversible" path to membership of the organization, but also pointed an accusing finger at China, calling the country a "decisive enabler" of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
07-13 23:53:03
The Philippines must not become a U.S. pawn to undermine regional security
Despite the Cold War having long ended, U.S. decision-makers are entrenched in an outdated Cold War framework, an "us versus them" mentality, to maintain its status as the sole global superpower and pursue its hegemony. The Philippines must not become a pawn in a dangerous U.S. game to undermine regional security.
07-13 18:15:41
US-Finland cooperation reflects NATO's strategic tendency
Foreign media reported that the Finnish parliament passed a defense agreement with the US on July 1 that allows American troops to use 15 military bases within Finland. Finland's approval of the agreement will turn Europe's east wing into the forefront of major-country games more quickly and may aggravate regional conflicts.
07-12 10:42:46