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US-manipulated camp antagonism poses significant challenges to peace, prosperity of Northeast Asia
China, Japan, and the ROK with strong comprehensive national strength and close personnel and economic exchanges are supposed to start from historical experiences and lessons to explore a new path of peaceful cooperation and development, rather than repeat the old path of confrontation and conflict.
03-24 18:09:32
China and Russia are not Cold War-style allies
There are those in the West inclined to frame the relationship between Beijing and Moscow by using the traditional geopolitical term of "allies." Their assessment is wrong.
03-24 17:21:50
China outmaneuvers U.S. in offering peace plan for Ukraine crisis: former U.S. diplomat
U.S. President Joe Biden watched as China presented to the world a peace plan which China hopes will lead to a peaceful resolution of the year-long Ukraine crisis and which was immediately complimented by Russia and Ukraine, a former U.S. diplomat has said.
03-24 15:01:58
The UK should be strongly condemned for this 'dirty' act
Although an absolute minority, the US and UK, among others, have hindered a substantive ban and restrictions on the use of depleted uranium under international law, exposing flaws in the current international order.
03-24 08:29:07
US House 'steps up war hype' with Taiwan-related bill
The Taiwan-related bill passed by the US House of Representatives on Wednesday will only add to uncertainties across the Straits rather than what the US claims to be "efforts contributing to peace," experts said, as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken intensifies war hype by claiming China will be able to "invade" Taiwan island by 2027.
03-24 08:25:08
Victims of American-style democracy include, but not limited to Iraq
In the 20 years of the Iraq War, American politicians should have deeply reflected and stopped doing evils under the name of democracy, leaving less bloody stains on the world. Otherwise, who will pay the price of the American-style democracy during the following 20 years?
03-23 17:35:53
Japan considering intercepting manned aircraft with drones may hold ulterior motives
Compared to manned fighters, you can be more daring in applying drones. Even if there are some "cross-border" behaviors, it is difficult to clearly distinguish the liabilities. Therefore, we cannot but help say that Japan's application of drones to intercept foreign warplanes must have ulterior motives.
03-23 17:27:03
AUKUS security partnership won't bring security
In March 2023, Joint Leaders Statement on AUKUS mentioned that its first major initiative was to support Australia in acquiring conventionally-armed and nuclear-powered submarines, making Australia the seventh member of the exclusive club of nuclear propulsion states.
03-23 19:24:29
Japan worsens tension by hyping Taiwan question in Ukraine visit
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's visit to Ukraine exaggerates the dangerous narrative of "Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow" through a joint statement to create momentum for Japan's intervention in major international events including the Ukraine crisis, further sensationalizing the so-called geopolitical and military threats from China.
03-23 17:08:28
Closer China-Russia ties vital to building a multipolar world
China and Russia, together with most of the developing world, share both the need and motivation to safeguard the UN-centered international system, a multi-polar world, greater democracy in international relations and the common values of humanity -- peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom.
03-23 09:46:02
The UK should be strongly condemned for this 'dirty' act
Such an immoral act, the UK is now going to do it and acts like it's a matter of course. It seems that when it comes to their own interests, international rules and morality are tools and weapons used to demand and attack others, rather than rules to constraint themselves.
03-23 09:20:46
US continues to disrupt world with high military spending
US is currently trapped in a vicious cycle of military spending expansion. On the one hand, in the name of safeguarding world security, the US has significantly increased military spending, creating conflicts around the world. On the other hand, in order to intervene in these conflicts, the US is in need of huge financial support, which will in turn further increase military spending.
03-22 18:03:48
US intensifies military deployment in Northeast Asia in excuse of "deterring DPRK"
The intensified military activities of the US on the Korean Peninsula and its surrounding areas are actually aimed at strengthening its military deployment in Northeast Asia under the banner of "deterring the DPRK", and creating the "Iron Triangle" alliance between the US, Japan, and the ROK.
03-22 17:31:15
Why Washington finds ceasefire in Ukraine unacceptable
Chinese President Xi Jinping is paying a state visit to Russia from March 20 to 22 at the invitation of his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.
03-22 21:36:08
US' democracy in a bad light amid partisan politics over Trump case
The US and the world have been closely watching how a possible indictment of former US president Donald Trump will develop, with growing worries about a replica of the Capitol riots, and analysts said that the whole stunt showcased the dysfunction of American democracy amid increasingly extreme political polarization.
03-22 11:37:47
Canada wrong to see China as adversary
Although Canada already has a strategy in place that aims to expand military, security, trade and diplomatic ties with nations in the Asia-Pacific region to counterbalance China, it is reportedly also seeking to create a cooperation framework with Japan, the Republic of Korea and the United States to that end.
03-22 09:27:08