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What drives ROK, US to restart theater-level military exercises after five years?
According to foreign media reports, the Freedom Shield (FS) joint military exercise held by the ROK and the US militaries has begun on March 13 and is expected to conclude on March 23, the longest exercise ever in the history of the ROK-US military exercises. T
03-20 18:03:50
ROK-Japan rapprochement leaves hidden dangers
From March 16 to 17, President Yoon Suk-yeol of the Republic of Korea (ROK) led a delegation to visit Japan, marking the first official visit of a ROK president to Japan after 11 years and 3 months since the last time.
03-20 17:37:44
Democracy a tool for U.S. to keep hegemony, incite division
Despite its high-sounding rhetoric or manipulations in various forms, it is increasingly clear that democracy has become a tool of the United States to maintain its hegemony and instigate division.
03-20 22:09:55
Japan has become leading source of regional instability
What the Kishida government is doing only points to the fact that it is doing nothing to promote peace and development in the region. Instead, it is acting as a bridgehead for forces from other parts of the world, including NATO, to interfere in the affairs of Asia.
03-20 18:42:11
Unresolved issues haunt Japan-S. Korea rapprochement
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida met with South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol here on Thursday. The two leaders agreed to normalize bilateral relations that had been strained over the wartime labor and other historical issues, and resume the shuttle diplomacy of regular leader visits.
03-20 09:24:24
China, Russia set example for major-country relations in new era
The two countries have increased mutual support on issues concerning each other's core interests. They have carried out coordination and cooperation within multilateral frameworks including the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia and the BRICS, and safeguarded regional security interests as well as the common interests of developing countries and emerging markets.
03-20 09:29:02
Xi's visit to Russia raises hopes of peace progress
The United States, the main instigator and beneficiary of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, cares little about the Ukrainian lives lost in the conflict and, instead, uses the deaths and destruction in Ukraine to launch a smear campaign against China and coerce its allies into supporting it in its efforts to weaken Russia.
03-19 17:52:37
Increase of NATO's defense budget target to deal a heavy blow to European security
The increase in defense spending of European countries may only be a stress reaction under the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Although temporarily tied to the US chariot and cannot move, these countries may not unconditionally cater to the US' hegemonic considerations for long.
03-18 18:37:53
AUKUS nuclear submarine cooperation shocks international nuclear non-proliferation system
On March 15, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin stated that China is gravely concerned about the IAEA Director General's latest statement in relation to the AUKUS nuclear submarine cooperation and firmly opposed to the US, the UK and Australia's coercing the IAEA Secretariat into endorsement on the safeguards issues.
03-18 17:08:13
Yoon's Japan visit can hardly realize reconciliation
The two-day visit came after Seoul announced a proposal last week to settle a wartime forced labor dispute with Japan using money mainly from ROK companies instead of from Japan. Although the plan was welcomed in Tokyo, polls showed that it is generally unpopular in the ROK.
03-18 15:53:21
AUKUS deal worst thing in every way for Australia
Australia is also damaging its own credibility by exploiting a loophole in the nuclear non-proliferation mechanism, which grants nuclear fission materials exemption from the International Atomic Energy Agency monitoring if they are used for non-explosive military use. The AUKUS deal will set a bad precedent by transferring nuclear technologies to a non-nuclear nation.
03-17 16:04:13
AUKUS submarine deal raises nuclear proliferation fears
Leaders of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia announced a plan on Monday to build a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines for Australia – an arrangement that has raised fears of nuclear proliferation and threatens to destabilize the Pacific region according to experts.
03-16 21:03:20
Security initiative works in Middle East
The Global Security Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping demonstrates China's sense of responsibility to safeguard global security by eliminating the root causes of international conflicts, improve global security governance, encourage joint international efforts to bring more stability and certainty to a volatile and changing era, and promote durable peace and development in the world.
03-16 17:34:29
Joint exercises help safeguard peace, stability
Military drills in the Gulf of Oman jointly carried out by countries including China, Iran and Russia have nothing to do with any regional situation around the world, and are indicative of the willingness of participating countries to uphold the regional peace and stability, experts said.
03-16 00:08:13
US spurs arms race around China
On March 13, US President Joe Biden held talks with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on the AUKUS, a new enhanced trilateral security partnership between the US, the UK and Australia, at the Naval Base San Diego in California, and announced the details of the plan to equip Australia with nuclear submarines.
03-15 18:01:12
Saudi Arabia, Iran resume diplomatic relations: China contributes to world peace
Saudi Arabian State Minister and National Security Advisor Musaad bin Mohammed Al Aiban and the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani led their respective delegations and held talks in Beijing, China from March 6 to 10. On March 10, China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran signed a joint statement in Beijing announcing that Saudi Arabia and Iran had reached an agreement to restore diplomatic ties, which had been severed for nearly seven years.
03-15 17:51:34