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Cold War mentality haunts within so-called China-Russia-DPRK axis fallacy
In short, cherishing twisted world outlook and security concept, politicians and media of certain countries willfully distort the three sets of bilateral relations among China, Russia and the DPRK, misleadingly fueling the speculation of the recurrence of so-called southern and northern triangle opposition in the Northeast Asia.
09-21 17:54:18
NATO's industry plan to boost arms production faces uncertain future
According to foreign media reports, NATO countries are suffering from a serious deficiency of stockpiles recently, causing great concern among its member states. In this context, NATO formulated a new arms production plan, but the future implementation prospect is not optimistic constrained by multiple factors.
09-20 17:31:19
Milley conveys dangerous misconception of PLA
China has no interest in challenging the US. It does not believe in a zero-sum game. It upholds win-win cooperation and mutual respect in its relations with other countries. But make no mistake, Beijing will not allow any party, including the US, to infringe upon the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity, development rights and core interests.
09-20 15:30:19
Canada's demonstration of presence in West Pacific constrained by capabilities
In general, although cherishing the evil intention to aggravate tensions in the Taiwan Strait and undermine regional peace, stability and development, the Canadian warship's joint transit with the US destroyer is merely symbolic but devoid of practical value burdened by its own strength and international constraints, which will only bring some meaning to their presence but not enough to produce destructive consequences.
09-19 18:45:33
Asia-Pacific has no more space for militarization
While China is making utmost efforts to stabilize the situation in the region and maintain peace and stability through talks and consultations, the US has never stopped pouring oil on fire on various regional issues by sowing the seeds of discord, cultivating proxies and muddying the waters to hijack the security and development of the region.
09-19 10:04:11
Voices calling for reason and peace over Taiwan
While differences over Taiwan may persist, their peaceful management is possible and imperative. Daniel Davis has underscored the urgent need to avoid military confrontation between the US and China. Yet skillful statecraft still has the power to achieve this end through calibrated compromises aligning core interests. A more harmonious relationship remains within reach if both sides recommit to pursuing it in good faith.
09-19 09:54:48
Russia-Ukraine peace talks unpromising with US fueling fire
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said after his visit to Ukraine that restarting negotiations requires joint engagement of Russia and Ukraine. The US pretends to be a bystander, but its recent announcement of a new batch of military aid to Ukraine that even integrates depleted uranium ammunitions discloses its consistent misdeeds in fueling the conflict.
09-18 17:47:37
U.S. military hegemony a tool for exploitation, says Zimbabwean politician
The military presence of the United States in Africa has not been for the continent's benefit. "They try to pretend as if they are on peace-making missions but we all know that during those 'peace-making missions' that they are talking about, they are busy looting Africa's resources," Masarira told Xinhua in a recent interview.
09-18 10:43:31
Australia gains nothing from AUKUS, but sells its soul to US
By joining AUKUS, Australia is effectively "selling its soul" to the US, and to a lesser extent, the US and the UK are seeking to profit significantly from this arms sale to Australia, creating a narrative suggesting an imminent aggression and invasion of Australia by some invisible force in the world.
09-16 18:17:46
U.S. hegemonic practices untenable as multilateral order takes shape, says Kenyan scholar
The U.S. quest for military, economic and political hegemony is no longer tenable as a more humane multilateral order emerges, which has been largely shaped by the bulk of the Global South, a Kenyan scholar has said.
09-16 17:53:26
Normalization of Saudi Arabia-Israel relations remains hindered and protracted
Saudi Arabia insists on resolving the Palestinian issue before negotiating the bilateral relations, while Israel says the future development of their relationship has nothing to do with the West Bank affairs and that it will not make any concessions on the Palestinian issue. The statements of both sides reflect that the normalization of Saudi Arabia-Israel relations remains hindered and protracted.
09-15 19:26:14
U.S. military hegemony the world's most pressing problem, says Russian official
"Today, the United States is trying to establish full control over raw material sources and capital to retain markets and maintain its competitive advantage regarding the production of value-added products," Novikov noted, adding that Washington is attempting to achieve such goals via military means.
09-15 17:33:33
Why does Israel frequent low-intensity conflicts?
Israel's continuous military strikes in neighboring regions seem to be responses to "terrorist activities," but they serve both political need to divert domestic pulic attention and its strategic planning of "preemptive strikes" against potential threats. For the Israeli government, seeking a delicate strategic balance that avoids escalation while not compromising its security interests seems to be the prevailing strategy.
09-15 15:58:23
Russia's "Day of Victory over Militaristic Japan" serves as warning
Furthermore, there's a particularly noteworthy aspect to this, namely, in the 2024 fiscal year's defense budget, Japan has specifically stated its intention to develop the so-called "enemy base strike capabilities". In other words, it aims to develop a large-scale armed force that can strike the territories of its adversaries. Notably, attacking enemy bases means attacking the territories of other countries, something that is explicitly prohibited by Japan's Peace Constitution. Clearly, Japan is attempting to follow the path of launching aggressive warfare, like its actions during World War II.
09-14 20:14:02
Tokyo should heed concerns of world: China Daily editorial
Since the density was far below its own preset safety standard, it says there is no need for it to stop releasing the toxic wastewater into the ocean. Meanwhile, a Japanese civic group that opposes the discharge filed a complaint on Thursday against the Japanese prime minister and the president of TEPCO, saying the consequences of dumping the toxic water into the ocean may be extremely serious.
09-13 10:03:32
US Coast Guard expands overseas operations
The US has its own calculations for expanding the Coast Guard activities in the Asia Pacific. Some regional countries find it hard to accept – even publicly oppose – the "freedom of navigation" operations by the US Navy and therefore unwilling to collaborate with it in other domains. The activities by the Coast Guard will tone down the military nature to some extent. However, despite the high frequency, the Coast Guard's activities are a far cry from catching up with the Navy.
09-12 17:49:29