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Ministry of National Defense

China will take resolute countermeasures against the Philippines' dangerous, escalatory behaviors: Defense Spokesperson
"The Chinese side remains highly vigilant and will continue to take all necessary countermeasures against the Philippines' dangerous, escalatory behaviors," said Chinese Defense Spokesperson Senior Colonel Zhang Xiaogang at a regular press briefing on Friday.
06-14 19:02:12
PLA will be relentless in fighting "Taiwan independence" separatist forces, defeating external interference: Defense Spokesperson
"The Chinese PLA will be relentless in fighting against the 'Taiwan independence' separatist forces and defeating external inference, and will resolutely fulfill its mission of safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity," said Chinese Defense Spokesperson Senior Colonel Zhang Xiaogang on Friday.
06-14 18:03:47
US should rectify strategic perception of China, put right "first button" of China-US relations: Defense Spokesperson
We urge the US side to rectify its strategic perception of China, put right the "first button" of China-US relations, and meet China halfway to push forward the state-to-state and mil-to-mil relations along the right track.
06-14 17:20:22
Chinese defense spokesperson remarks on provocations of Netherlands Navy
We urge the Dutch side to control the behaviors of its navy and air force. Their act of infringement and provocation will be resolutely countered by China.
06-11 20:26:31

Military Services

China slams US destroyer's trespassing territorial waters off its Xisha Islands
The guided-missile destroyer USS Halsey (DDG 97) illegally trespassed into the territorial waters of China's Xisha Islands without the Chinese government's permission on May 10, and the Chinese PLA Southern Theater Command organized naval and air forces to track, monitor and warn it off in accordance with the law and regulations.
05-10 17:46:44
PLA tracks, monitors US destroyer transiting Taiwan Strait: Spokesperson
Naval Senior Captain Li Xi, spokesperson for the Chinese PLA Eastern Theater Command, slammed the US's provocative move in a written statement released on Wednesday.
05-09 00:00:18
Chinese navy commander proposes improved cooperation between navies
Chinese Navy Commander Hu Zhongming on Tuesday called on navies of all countries to improve communication and exchanges, enhance the quality and effectiveness of cooperation, strengthen operational coordination, and expand public goods.
04-23 18:16:13
China Coast Guard expels ship intruding in Ren'ai Reef
The China Coast Guard expelled a Philippine supply ship that forcefully intruded into Ren'ai Reef in the South China Sea on Saturday morning, a spokesperson said on Saturday.
03-23 15:37:38

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

PLA military drills around Taiwan legitimate and necessary: FM spokesperson
A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Thursday that the joint military drills surrounding the island of Taiwan are legitimate and necessary. He said the drills are fully in line with international law and practice.
05-23 18:36:30
China announces countermeasures against U.S. defense corporations and individuals
China's Foreign Ministry said the U.S. has also continued to sell arms to China's Taiwan region, which "seriously violates" the one-China principle and the joint communiques between China and the U.S., and seriously undermines China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
05-23 00:10:51
China urges U.S. to stop using Taiwan as tool to contain China
A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Tuesday that China urges the United States to earnestly abide by its commitments of not using Taiwan as a tool to contain China, and stop hollowing out the one-China principle.
05-21 23:58:56
Taiwan separatist activities doomed to eventual historical shame: FM
"Taiwan independence" separatist activities are the most destructive factors that undermine peace across the Taiwan Strait, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday.
05-21 20:11:39

Other Sources

Chinese envoy urges calm, diplomacy on Korean Peninsula
China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, Geng Shuang, on Wednesday urged all parties involved to refrain from actions that could further escalate tensions on the Korean Peninsula.
06-13 10:40:28
U.S. urged to work with China for cross-Strait peace, stability
Song Tao, a senior Taiwan affairs official, on Thursday called on the United States to work with China to maintain cross-Strait peace and stability, oppose "Taiwan independence" and support China's reunification.
06-13 23:48:29
Philippine president's remarks at Shangri-La Dialogue confusing right and wrong: Chinese expert
A Chinese military expert has refuted Philippine President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos's accusation against China on the South China Sea issue at the ongoing 21st Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore.
06-01 20:44:01
PLA actions to continue if "Taiwan independence" provocations go on: spokesperson
A mainland spokesperson on Wednesday said that if "Taiwan independence" elements do not stop their provocations, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) will continue its actions to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity unwaveringly.
05-29 22:00:52