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Ministry of National Defense

Regular Press Conference of China's Ministry of National Defense on January 25
NATO has been inching closer to the Asia Pacific and using the non-existent "China threat" as an excuse to advance bloc confrontation, which poses a threat to regional security.
02-02 11:04:11
China says it opposes U.S. report hyping up non-existent 'China threat'
China is firmly opposed to the United States' report that hypes up the so-called "China threat", which doesn't exist, a Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson said on Thursday.
01-26 10:05:22
PLA organizes routine patrol around Taiwan island
The People's Liberation Army's Eastern Theater Command recently organized routine joint maritime and aerial patrol around the Taiwan island, the Ministry of National Defense announced on Thursday.
01-26 09:58:03
China denies providing weapons to Palestine-Israel conflict zone
On Thursday, the Chinese Defense Ministry denied allegations that China provided weapons or equipment to the Palestine-Israel conflict zone.
01-26 09:54:15

Military Services

China Coast Guard launches patrols in Xiamen-Kinmen sea area
China Coast Guard launched law enforcement patrols in the Xiamen-Kinmen sea area to protect fishermen's lives and property, spokesperson Gan Yu said on Sunday.
02-18 11:58:29
China Coast Guard warns off Japanese fishing boats and patrol vessels in Diaoyu Islands waters
China Coast Guard on Saturday warned off Japanese fishing boats and patrol vessels that had illegally entered China's territorial waters around the Diaoyu Islands.
01-27 21:15:40
China defends measures taken to counter the Philippines airdropping supplies at Ren'ai Jiao
The China Coast Guard (CCG) monitored and tracked a Philippine aircraft airdropping supplies to the illegally grounded warship BRP Sierra Madre on January 21 and took provisional measures that were professional and legitimate, a spokesperson for the CCG said on Saturday.
01-28 00:10:23
Chinese military slams US warship's transit through Taiwan Strait
The US destroyer USS John Finn sailed through the Taiwan Strait on January 24 and hyped it up. Army Senior Colonel Shi Yi, spokesperson for the Chinese PLA Eastern Theater Command, slammed such provocative move in a written statement released on Wednesday.
01-25 14:45:01

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China stands firm as stabilizing force in turbulent world: top diplomat
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a keynote speech entitled "Firmly acting as a force for stability in a turbulent world" during the "China in the World" session at the ongoing Munich Security Conference here on Saturday.
02-18 11:09:28
Chinese FM spokesperson's remarks on Israeli large-scale airstrikes in Gaza's Rafah
China called on Israel to stop military operations as soon as possible and prevent a more devastating humanitarian disaster in Gaza's Rafah, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Tuesday.
02-13 16:12:03
China urges Philippines not to 'play with fire' on Taiwan question
The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday urged the Philippines not to "play with fire" on the Taiwan question.
02-08 20:57:21
China slams blatant collusion of U.S. officials with anti-China rioters
A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson on Tuesday said China deplores and firmly opposes the blatant action of U.S. senior officials involving themselves with anti-China rioters who have fled Hong Kong.
02-07 00:04:01

Other Sources

Mainland spokesperson urges swift release of fishermen detained by Taiwan after fatal fishing boat expulsion
A Chinese mainland spokesperson on Saturday urged Taiwan authorities to release the mainland fishermen who were forcibly detained after a fatal expulsion of a mainland fishing boat.
02-18 11:11:03
China calls for international efforts to reduce spill-over effects of Palestinian-Israeli conflict on situation in Iraq
Dai Bing, China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, called for international efforts to mitigate the spill-over effects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the situation in Iraq.
02-08 16:21:55
Mainland asks U.S. to refrain from sending wrong signals to "Taiwan independence" separatist forces
A Chinese mainland spokesperson on Wednesday asked the United States to translate its commitment of not supporting "Taiwan independence" into tangible actions and refrain from sending wrong signals to "Taiwan independence" separatist forces.
01-31 19:19:29
U.S. must abide by one-China principle, 3 joint communiques: Wang Yi
The United States must abide by the one-China principle and the three China-U.S. joint communiques and put into action its commitment not to support "Taiwan independence", and support the peaceful reunification of China, China's senior diplomat Wang Yi has said.
01-27 22:16:56