PLA Air Force holds open day activities in Lhasa

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-07-29 19:19:46
Local people participate in the open day activities.

By Zhang Wei and Zhao Yan

LHASA, July 29 -- To celebrate the upcoming China's Army Day, the PLA air force's troops in Xizang Autonomous Region holds the third open day activities on Tuesday in Lhasa, attracting thousands of local people from all ethnic groups to take a tour.

On the open day, after performances of guard boxing and bayonet charge exercise, multi-type military aircraft soared into the sky successively, carrying out a number of tactical training courses, such as low pass, high-speed rolling, and release of jamming bombs. Afterwards, the visitors took a closer look at the aircraft and posed for photos with the pilots.

Zhang Bo, one of the local visitors said that this was the first time for him to watch an aerobatic show at such close range, and he was particularly amazed by the highly difficult technical movements of the military aircraft.

Zhang Honglian, one of the participating pilots and a squadron leader assigned to an aviation brigade under the PLA Western Theater Command, said their flight performance subjects today are the same as their routine training.


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