Chinese peacekeepers in Lebanon build vehicle-mounted living cabins

China Military Online
Li Wei
2020-12-22 17:47:42
The interior settings in one of the vehicle-mounted living cabins (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

BEIRUT, Dec. 22 -- Recently, some members of the 19th Chinese peacekeeping construction engineer contingent to Lebanon moved into the vehicle-mounted multi-functional living cabins, which have integrated accommodation, cooking, bathing and other living functions and can effectively improve the overseas peacekeepers' living conditions.

The cabins can accommodate ten people and are equipped with living facilities such as a kitchen, bathroom, and air-conditioner, which can guarantee the basic living needs of the peacekeepers on field missions.

They can be used for stationing at mission sites far away from the camp, enabling the peacekeepers to live without supplies for about 5 consecutive days, avoiding the use of foreign military barracks and also reducing their contacts with the outside world under serious COVID-19 epidemic situation.

According to Mu Yu, a transport officer of the Chinese peacekeeping construction engineer contingent to Lebanon, in the past, the Chinese peacekeepers had to live in self-pitched tents in the camps of friendly troops when performing missions far away, which was bound to be greatly affected by weather and epidemics. For now, the vehicle-mounted living cabins can meet all their basic living needs.


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