Soldiers performing compulsory military service in remote areas to receive extra preferential family allowances

China Military Online
Chen Lufan
2021-02-23 17:33:31

BEIJING, Feb. 23 -- China’s Ministry of Veterans Affairs expounded the Circular on Further Improving Family Preferential Allowances for Soldiers Performing Compulsory Military Service on February 21. The ministry pointed out that additional allowance can be provided for families of soldiers performing compulsory military service, including enlisted college students and soldiers serving in remote areas (Tibet, Xinjiang, etc.).

It is reported that the circular was jointly issued by China’s Ministry of Veterans Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Central Military Commission (CMC).

According to the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, standard for preferential family allowances should be determined by provinces (regions, cities) with reference to factors such as the annual per capita consumption expenditure of urban and rural residents in different localities and be unified among urban and rural areas. The allowances are counted from authorized enlistment and paid every six months, within two years in principle. If the service time is less than six months, it will be determined as six months.

In addition, preferential family allowances are paid based on actual service period in times of war or when soldiers performing compulsory military service, due to physical conditions or early retirement, leave before his two-year commitment is up, according to the interpretation of the ministry.

It is learnt that the soldiers performing compulsory military service are no longer entitled to the allowances after being promoted into officer during their service, being admitted to military academies or elected as sergeants in advance. Soldiers performing compulsory military service are required to designate a recipient, usually principle members of family, to receive the allowances before enlistment.

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