Information technology helps improve military food supply


China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2021-03-15 17:12:21
The military members are scanning the diet advices in the canteen.

BEIJING, Mar. 15 -- A unit of the PLA Joint Logistic Support Force in Wuhan has adopted a batch of new devices in its newly-built canteen, as a pilot project of applying information technologies to military supply system.


At the doorway of the canteen stands an electronic screen, on which service members can input the cellphone numbers to check their own health records. The system not only displays the nutrients of each dish, but also provides customized diet suggestions according to their height, weight, age and exercises. The system will be linked with the users' cellphones to facilitate query in the future.


“Female soldiers pay much attention to calories and nutritional balance, and now the canteen has taken that into consideration to provide suitable dishes,” said Private First Class Duan Xiaoran.

“女生吃饭会很注意热量问题和营养均衡,现在食堂也会更多考虑这方面问题,让我们吃得更安心,” 战士段潇然说道。

In the “visible” kitchen, what’s going on in the kitchen is casted on the screen for the service members to supervise, and the managers can also keep eyes on the real-time kitchen indicators through the screen.


The kitchen is highly digitalized with vegetable-washing machine, peeling machine, condiment mixer and cooking robot. The cooking robot is intelligent and labor-saving, able to cook most dishes. The chef only needs to put the ingredients in, and then the robot can cook dishes for 30-50 people at one go.


After the meal, service members just need to put their plates on the conveying belt and leave. They can also vote for their favorite dish of the day. The voting result is shown on a big screen in a real-time manner.


It is learnt that this system can also be applied in field operation, suitable for both peacetime and wartime. It ensures sufficient energy and nutrition for the service members while preventing waste of food.


“Taking advantage of modern technologies such as IoT and big data, we have created three major systems – the canteen supply system, data platform and safety supervision system – to provide nutritious diet, ensure efficiency and safety, and reduce waste. The scientific diet will help service members keep fit and increase combat capacity,” said Zhu Junjie, political commissar of the unit.


The cooking robot is preparing a dish.

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