"Taiwan independence" irreversibly doomed: mainland spokesperson

Li Jiayao
2022-01-12 16:30:27

BEIJING, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese mainland spokesperson said on Wednesday the doom of "Taiwan independence" is an irreversible historical trend.

Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said at a press conference that Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authority is creating an illusion of the reliability of the United States regarding the situation in the Taiwan Strait.

In fact, the people in Taiwan are aware that what really concerns the United States are its own needs and interests, Zhu noted.

The DPP authority's attempt to collude with foreign forces in "seeking independence by force" is bound to fail, said Zhu.

The Taiwan question falls within China's internal affairs and does not brook any external interference, irresponsible remarks or anything done by any country to undermine China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, Zhu added.

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