Ministry of National Defense

Chinese and Indian troops in area of Jianan Daban begin disengagement
On 8th September, 2022, according to the consensus reached in the 16th Round of China-India Corps Commander Level Meeting, the Chinese and Indian troops in the area of Jianan Daban have begun to disengage in a coordinated and planned way.
09-09 10:28:18
Regular Press Conference of the Ministry of National Defense on August 25
The recent military operations organized by the PLA are punitive deterrence against the “Taiwan independence” separatist forces and the interference of external forces.
08-30 10:46:49
China opposes any third party medddling in China-India border issue: Defense Spokesperson
"We firmly oppose any third party to meddle in the China-India border issue in any form," said Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, a spokesperson for China's Ministry of National Defense (MND) at a regular press conference.
08-25 16:34:36
Relevant countries should fulfill nuclear non-proliferation obligations, revoke decision on nuclear submarine cooperation: Defense spokesperson
"China urges relevant countries to fulfill their nuclear non-proliferation obligations, and revoke their decision on nuclear-powered submarine cooperation," said Senior Colonel Tan Kefei on Thursday.
08-25 23:09:36

Military Services

Chinese military slams US, Canadian warships' transit through Taiwan Strait
Army Senior Colonel Shi Yi, spokesperson for the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese PLA, denounced such provocative move in a written statement released on Wednesday.
09-21 11:09:46
China's Y-20 transport aircraft to be showcased at int'l airshow in Europe
China's independently-developed Y-20 transport aircraft will be showcased at an international airshow in Europe for the first time, said a Chinese air force spokesperson Monday.
08-29 23:18:15
PLA Eastern Theater Command spokesperson remarks on US warships' transit through Taiwan Strait
The USS Antietam and the USS Chancellorsville, two US guided-missile cruisers, sailed through the Taiwan Strait on August 28 and hyped it up publicly. The PLA Eastern Theater Command conducted security tracking and monitoring of the US warships' passage in the whole course.
08-28 16:25:54
Chinese military slams US warship's transit through Taiwan Strait
The US guided-missile destroyer USS Benfold sailed through the Taiwan Strait on July 19 and hyped it up publicly. The PLA Eastern Theater Command sent its naval and air forces to conduct security tracking and monitoring of the US warship in the whole course, said a military spokesperson in a written statement released on Wednesday.
07-20 11:05:09

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China urges U.S. to honor its commitment to one-China principle
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Wednesday urged the United States to honor its commitment to the one-China principle in a simple and straightforward way.
09-28 19:18:15
US is 'largest spreader of disinformation'
The United States is "the largest spreader of disinformation", Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, adding that the disinformation it has fabricated is being seen through and rejected by more and more people.
09-27 08:52:47
China initiates legal procedure of Firearms Protocol approval
China has decided to initiate the domestic legal procedure of approval of the Firearms Protocol, a significant measure showing China's practice of the Global Security Initiative and safeguarding international and regional peace and stability, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Monday.
09-26 18:30:43
China firmly upholds purposes, principles of UN charter: FM
China firmly upholds the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and the core role being played by the United Nations in international affairs, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said here on Saturday.
09-25 22:46:47

Other Sources

China's UN envoy rejects accusations over abuse of ethnic minorities
A Chinese envoy on Wednesday rejected accusations by the United States, Britain and the European Union that China commits human rights abuses against its ethnic minorities.
09-22 17:29:22
Chinese envoy calls for lifting sanctions against South Sudan
A Chinese envoy on Friday called for the lifting of sanctions against South Sudan and for the provision of more international assistance.
09-17 15:46:34
Chinese envoy: International community seriously concerned about AUKUS nuclear submarine cooperation
A meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors on September 15 discussed the AUKUS nuclear submarine cooperation as a standalone, formal agenda item. At the meeting, the member states expressed grave concerns over "seven issues" regarding trilateral cooperation proposed by China.
09-16 19:01:31
Chinese envoy calls for restraint to de-escalate Armenia-Azerbaijan border tensions
China is concerned about the recent armed conflicts and casualties in the border areas of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Maintaining regional peace and stability is in the common interests of the two countries, said Geng Shuang, China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations.
09-16 09:12:53