Ministry of National Defense

The "report on Chinese military power" undermines China-US mutual trust: spokesperson
The US "report" distorts the facts, confuses right and wrong, and deliberately misrepresents China's strategic intentions.
05-10 15:31:01
China willing to enhance defense exchanges with Japan
China-Japan defense exchanges and cooperation are important components of bilateral relations, a Ministry of National Defense spokesperson said Thursday.
04-26 09:33:26
China, Russia to hold simulated anti-missile drill: spokesperson
China and Russia will hold their third joint anti-missile drill based on computer simulations in Russia this year, a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense said Thursday.
04-26 00:52:04
Defense Ministry's Regular Press Conference on Apr. 25
The PLA's training and exercises are aimed at safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintaining peace and stability across the Straits, and protecting common interests of the compatriots across the straits.
04-25 23:19:29

Military Services

China opposes US provocation in South China Sea
A US warship intruded into the waters adjacent to China's territorial islands and reefs in the South China Sea on May 20 without permission of the Chinese government, said spokesman for the PLA Southern Theater Command Monday.
05-20 23:18:14
PLA spokesman urges US to stop provocative actions in South China Sea
Senior Colonel Li Huamin, spokesman for the Southern Theater Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, urged last night the US to stop its provocative actions in the South China Sea.
02-12 09:47:53
Chinese military warns off US warship and keeps alert to situation
Naval and air forces of PLA Southern Theater Command conducted whole-process monitoring of a US warship that had trespassed into Chinese territorial waters off the Xisha Islands without permission, and warned it to leave.
01-07 23:17:17
Chinese military monitors, warns US warship
Chinese military monitored a US warship that entered Chinese territorial waters without permission and warned it to leave on Monday, a spokesman said on Friday.
11-30 22:37:18

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China, Russia to jointly maintain international strategic stability
China and Russia have agreed to enhance strategic cooperation, uphold multilateralism, and resolutely contain the trend of unilateralism and its harm, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said in Beijing on Monday.
05-21 01:42:39
China will not engage in any trilateral talks on nuclear reduction
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang has reaffirmed that China will not participate in any trilateral talks about a deal on nuclear arms reduction, and reiterated the defensive nature of China's military policy.
05-17 00:14:05
China: Korean Peninsula nuclear issues should be solved through dialogue
China hopes all the relevant parties will cherish the progress made on Korean Peninsula nuclear issues and stick to solving the issues through dialogue.
05-13 09:43:34
China opposes EU reports on Hong Kong, Macao
FM spokesperson expressed China's strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition after the European Commission on Wednesday issued annual reports for 2018 on Hong Kong and Macao.
05-10 08:47:33

Other Sources

Chinese envoy asks to fight terrorism and further political process in Syria
A Chinese envoy on Friday asked the international community to fight terrorism and push forward the political process in Syria.
05-19 00:40:01
Nuclear deterrence targeting non-nuclear states a sign of hegemonism: Chinese ambassador
Nuclear deterrence targeted against non-nuclear-weapon states is a manifestation of hegemonism and power politics, said Chinese Ambassador for Disarmament Affairs Li Song at the ongoing Conference on Disarmament here in Geneva.
05-16 08:34:25
Chinese mainland spokesperson stresses essence of 1992 Consensus
The 1992 Consensus is the common political foundation for the development of cross-Strait relations, a mainland spokesperson reiterated Wednesday.
05-15 17:25:53
PLA on high alert to safeguard national sovereignty: spokesperson
Chinese military warned off two US warships entering waters around the Chinese islands and reefs in the South China Sea, a spokesperson of the PLA Southern Theater Command said Monday.
05-06 18:32:36