Ministry of National Defense

Regular Press Conference of the Ministry of National Defense on Mar. 26
The PLA, under the unified command of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission (CMC), will continue to overcome all difficulties to battle the virus in high spirit and do its best to save every patient.
03-27 18:21:21
China blasts 'provocative actions' by US
China urged the US to strengthen strategic dialogue based on mutual respect, properly handle differences, facilitate practical cooperation and help steer military-to-military development in a positive direction.
03-27 09:06:53
China slams U.S. warship for trespassing in Taiwan Strait
China strongly opposes separatist attempts for "Taiwan independence" in any form, Ren Guoqiang, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense, said Thursday in response to a news report that a U.S. warship had sailed through the Taiwan Strait on March 25.
03-26 19:35:48
China refutes report about Chinese ship firing laser at American aircraft
A spokesperson for China's Ministry of National Defense on Friday refuted a U.S. media report about a Chinese navy destroyer firing laser at a P-8A reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. armed forces from the Philippine Sea.
03-08 01:30:41

Military Services

Chinese military slams US provocative acts in South China Sea
A US guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell trespassed into Chinese territorial waters off the Xisha Islands without permission on Tuesday. The Southern Theater Command of the PLA organized naval and air forces to track, verify, identify, and warn the ship away.
03-11 15:58:09
Chinese military conducts joint air-sea drill near Taiwan island
Following the combat-readiness patrol on February 9, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theater Command organized its naval and air forces to conduct a joint drill in waters off the southeast coast of Taiwan island on Feb. 10, said Senior Colonel Zhang Chunhui, spokesperson for the Chinese PLA Eastern Theater Command on Tuesday.
02-11 17:52:43
China military conducts combat-ready patrol to address current security situation across Taiwan Strait
The Chinese military’s combat-ready patrol is completely legitimate and is the necessary action taken to address the current security situation across the Taiwan Strait and safeguard China's sovereignty.
02-09 20:36:45
China slams U.S. provocative acts in South China Sea
Chinese military monitored a U.S. warship that entered Chinese territorial waters without permission and warned it to leave on Saturday, senior colonel Li Huamin, spokesperson for the PLA Southern Theater Command said.
01-28 17:15:54

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Demagoguery will only cause interference in COVID-19 fight cooperation: FM spokesperson
Any demagoguery fabricated out of thin air will only interfere with cooperation against COVID-19, which is inhumane and immoral, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said here Tuesday.
04-08 00:01:03
China opposes all forms of discrimination, prejudice: spokesperson
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Tuesday that China opposes all forms of discrimination and prejudice.
04-07 23:58:04
U.S. should treat China's civil-military' policy objectively
"We urge the U.S. to stop purposeful slandering and look at China's policy in an objective way," Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told Reuters at a daily briefing on Thursday when asked about China's response toward a new export restriction on advanced high-tech products from the U.S.
04-03 14:27:45
China slams U.S. officials' 'shameless' remarks on COVID-19 data
China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday slammed some U.S. politicians' "shameless" remarks doubting China's reporting of coronavirus cases in the country.
04-03 00:54:16

Other Sources

Chinese embassy official refutes 'cover- up' allegations on COVID-19 outbreak
It is groundless to accuse China of covering up COVID-19 outbreak information, Minister Ma Hui from the Chinese Embassy in Britain stressed during an interview with SKY News on Monday.
04-07 21:22:13
Chinese envoy calls for China-U.S. cooperation against COVID-19
Cui Tiankai, Chinese ambassador to the U.S., on Sunday called on China and the U.S. to work together against the coronavirus, as COVID-19 continues to sweep across the world.
04-06 15:20:24
China refutes Ambassador Hoekstra's groundless claims on transparency
Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands on Saturday gave a point-by-point rebuttal of the groundless claims made by U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands Peter Hoekstra, who in a recent interview accused China's "lack of transparency" for causing the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States.
04-04 17:22:07
Chinese embassy slams British media over unjustified comments on China's fight against COVID-19
The Chinese Embassy in the UK on Tuesday expressed dissatisfaction over British media's unjustified comments on China's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
04-01 17:37:01