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Ministry of National Defense

China responds to rumored Marine Corps expansion
The expansion of the PLA Navy's Marine Corps relates to the reform of the Chinese military, which is being implemented steadily and more detailed information will be released in due time.
03-15 17:34:02
Beijing seeks 'positive energy' in South China Sea
China urges countries outside of the South China Sea region to stop stirring threats of war and tension in the region, the Defense Ministry said on Thursday.
02-24 10:43:23
China strongly opposes ROK's deployment of THAAD
China's military on Thursday voiced strong objections to the ROK's deployment of an advanced U.S. missile defense system, the THAAD.
02-23 23:33:52
China says its trial launch of DF-5C missile normal
It is normal for China to carry out scheduled scientific research and tests within the Chinese territory and the tests don't target any specific country or object, China's Defense Ministry said on Feb. 3 in a written statement.
02-06 17:23:22

Military Services

China's aircraft carrier returns to port after drill
China's aircraft carrier formation returned to Qingdao port Friday after finishing a drill, the Chinese navy said Friday.
01-16 07:39:01
China's aircraft carrier formation passes through Taiwan Strait
A naval formation consisting of aircraft carrier Liaoning on Thursday passed through the Taiwan Strait en route to the South China Sea for drills and tests, said a spokesperson with the PLA Navy.
01-12 10:40:38
Chinese navy confirms ship-aircraft combined training in Sea of Japan
Aircraft of the Chinese naval aviation force conducted on Jan. 9 a combined training exercise in the Sea of Japan with a Chinese naval taskforce which was navigating through this sea area on a mission, PLA Navy spokesman Liang Yang confirmed on Tuesday.
01-11 10:25:15
Chinese aircraft carrier heads for West Pacific for blue water training
A Chinese navy formation, including the aircraft carrier Liaoning, headed towards the West Pacific on Saturday for scheduled blue water training, according to Chinese Navy spokesperson Liang Yang.
12-24 23:55:21

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China on high alert for Japan's military move
China said on Thursday it is on high alert for Japan's true intentions as the Japanese helicopter-carrier destroyer Kaga went into service on Wednesday.
03-23 22:15:06
China, U.S. agree on principle of no conflict, mutual respect
China and the United States reached consensus on developing ties in the spirit of no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation during U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's Beijing trip, said a Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wednesday.
03-22 22:13:42
China says won't attend a nuclear ban treaty negotiation
China's Foreign Ministry confirmed on Monday that the country will not attend the negotiation on ban on nuclear weapons, which will be held on March 27th in New York. But the spokesperson of the ministry also addressed that China's stand on completely banning and destroying nuclear weapons is clear and consistent.
03-21 23:40:27
China slams Dalai Lama's attendance at Buddhist conference
China on Monday slammed the Indian government's invitation of the Dalai Lama to a Buddhist conference, with Chinese experts warning India against using him as a bargaining chip to solve disputes.
03-21 09:02:36

Other Sources

China's defense budget transparent: Finance Minister
Chinese Finance Minister Xiao Jie Tuesday shrugged off concerns over China's military transparency, saying there was no opacity in the country's defense budget.
03-07 12:33:56
China, India should focus on cooperation rather than disputes: spokesperson
China and India as the world's two largest developing countries should focus on enhancing mutual understanding and boosting cooperation rather than dwelling on disputes, said a spokesperson for China's top legislature Saturday.
03-04 15:44:57
China will address challenges to Sino-U.S. relations with composure: spokesperson
If challenges are posed to the relations between China and the United States, China will take them as they come, a spokesperson told a press conference Saturday.
03-04 16:54:15
China to raise 2017 defense budget by around 7 pct: spokesperson
China will raise its defense budget by around 7 percent this year, a spokesperson for the annual session of the country's top legislature said Saturday, compared to last year's 7.6 percent.
03-04 12:08:36