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Ministry of National Defense

U.S. warship provocations an incentive for China to beef up defense capability: Chinese DM
The U.S. military's provocative actions will only push the Chinese military to further strengthen its defense capabilities to safeguard national sovereignty and security, the spokesperson stressed.
08-11 19:25:29
Chinese military firmly opposes Japan's defense white paper hyping up "China threat"
Chinese Defense Ministry has issued a statement to firmly oppose Japan's 2017 defense white paper with its China-related contents full of vicious denigration of the Chinese military and blatant deception of the international community.
08-09 17:33:36
Chinese defense ministry demands immediate withdrawal of Indian troops
Chinese defense ministry has urged India to immediately pull back the trespassing troops to the Indian side of the boundary.
08-04 08:19:55
China coordinates with U.S. in South China Sea in search for missing sailor
The Chinese Ministry of National Defense on Thursday said that the Chinese navy had coordinated with the U.S. search for a missing U.S. sailor in the South China Sea.
08-03 21:34:53

Military Services

Chinese aircraft carrier formation to visit Hong Kong
A Chinese naval formation including aircraft carrier Liaoning will visit Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) in early July in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) being stationed in HKSAR.
07-02 21:07:34
China's aircraft carrier returns to port after drill
China's aircraft carrier formation returned to Qingdao port Friday after finishing a drill, the Chinese navy said Friday.
01-16 07:39:01
China's aircraft carrier formation passes through Taiwan Strait
A naval formation consisting of aircraft carrier Liaoning on Thursday passed through the Taiwan Strait en route to the South China Sea for drills and tests, said a spokesperson with the PLA Navy.
01-12 10:40:38
Chinese navy confirms ship-aircraft combined training in Sea of Japan
Aircraft of the Chinese naval aviation force conducted on Jan. 9 a combined training exercise in the Sea of Japan with a Chinese naval taskforce which was navigating through this sea area on a mission, PLA Navy spokesman Liang Yang confirmed on Tuesday.
01-11 10:25:15

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Chinese troops patrol control line on China-India border
Chinese border troops have always patrolled the Chinese side of the line of control on the China-India border, said a Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wednesday in response to a recent altercation between the two troops.
08-16 23:01:44
China opposes U.S. religion report: Foreign Ministry
China firmly opposes a U.S. report that made unreasonable assertions on religious freedom in China, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said here Wednesday.
08-16 20:37:46
China denounces Abe's offering to controversial shrine on surrender anniversary
China denounced Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's monetary offering to the Yasukuni Shrine on Tuesday, the 72nd anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War II.
08-16 08:30:14
China insists on peaceful solution to nuclear issue on Korean Peninsula: FM
China insists on settling the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula peacefully and hopes Germany will play an active role to this end, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday.
08-16 08:23:37

Other Sources

Chinese envoy stresses negotiated solutions to Korean nuclear issue
A Chinese envoy to the United Nations Monday called for negotiated solutions to the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula.
08-01 16:54:03
Chinese military to advance global security, peaceful development: official
The Chinese defense force will devote its might toward promotion of global security and peaceful development, a military official said recently.
07-30 11:47:57
Chinese envoy urges unity of Syria, political solution to crisis
Chinese Special Envoy for Syria Xie Xiaoyan on Saturday urged all parties to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis and avoid a division of the country.
07-23 22:24:53
Mainland spokesperson warns against reckless remarks by DPP
A mainland spokesperson on Friday said that Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and its leader's repeated arbitrary attacks on the mainland are dangerous behavior.
07-14 21:21:53