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Ministry of National Defense

Military rebuts US report calling China a threat
China urged the United States to view China's military construction rationally and objectively amid a new report claiming China and Russia as the top threats to the US military, the Defense Ministry said on Saturday.
01-22 08:00:50
'Cold War' mentality for US to play up 'Chinese military threat': spokesperson
China's Ministry of National Defense (MND) said it was "Cold War" mentality for the United States to play up the so-called "Chinese military threat".
01-21 15:04:15
Defense ministry warns U.S. against "causing trouble out of nothing"
China's Ministry of National Defense has told the United States not to "cause trouble out of nothing," and to respect the sovereignty of China.
01-20 20:42:37
Defense ministry slams Japan for sensationalizing legitimate Chinese naval action
China's defense ministry has expressed strong discontent with Japanese efforts to sensationalize a legitimate action by the Chinese navy, according to the information office of the ministry Thursday.
01-11 22:38:03

Military Services

Chinese recon planes conduct long-range mission
China's Air Force recently sent electronic intelligence aircraft to conduct long-range training over the Yellow and East China seas, the military said on Monday.
12-04 16:51:53
China says air force drills with Pakistan "routine"
The Chinese air force on Thursday dismissed concerns over its ongoing training exercises with the Pakistani air force, saying they were routine drills.
09-21 22:42:46
Chinese aircraft carrier formation to visit Hong Kong
A Chinese naval formation including aircraft carrier Liaoning will visit Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) in early July in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) being stationed in HKSAR.
07-02 21:07:34
China's aircraft carrier returns to port after drill
China's aircraft carrier formation returned to Qingdao port Friday after finishing a drill, the Chinese navy said Friday.
01-16 07:39:01

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China vows 'necessary measures' in S.China Sea
US warships' provocative sailing in the South China Sea will only serve to force China to strengthen its defense capability, said analysts after the USS Hopper, a guided missile destroyer, came within 12 nautical miles of Huangyan Island on Wednesday.
01-22 08:38:14
China says it pursues peaceful development , disputing "disruptive force" comment
China on Friday denied that it was a disruptive power in the Indo-Pacific region as described by the head of the US military's Pacific command at a meeting in New Delhi, India.
01-20 19:35:53
China vows "necessary measures" after U.S. warship nears Huangyan Island
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Saturday vowed "necessary measures" will be undertaken to safeguard the country's sovereignty after a U.S. warship entered waters surrounding Huangyan Island in the South China Sea.
01-20 18:43:14
China supports DPRK, ROK in fostering trust, building consensus through dialogue
China supports the DPRK and the ROK in fostering trust, building consensus, and finding solutions through dialogue, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Thursday.
01-19 08:46:24

Other Sources

Mainland opposes military interaction between the U.S. and Taiwan: spokesperson
The Chinese mainland resolutely opposes any official or military exchanges between the United States and Taiwan, a Chinese mainland spokesperson said Wednesday.
12-13 14:51:57
Chinese air force conducts patrol exercise
A Chinese air force formation conducted a regular patrol exercise that passed the Bashi Channel and Miyako Strait on Monday, an air force spokesperson confirmed Tuesday.
12-12 14:47:01
PLA plane exercises were planned regular training
A Chinese mainland spokesperson said Wednesday that the recent exercises of military planes from the PLA were planned regular training.
11-29 14:42:47
Taiwan has itself to blame for failing to attend int'l events
A Chinese mainland spokesperson said Wednesday that Taiwan's refusal to adhere to the 1992 Consensus is the crucial reason for its problems in participating in international affairs.
11-15 16:18:48