Ministry of National Defense

Chinese naval fleets escort 3,400 foreign ships over past 10 years
China's naval fleets have escorted 3,400 foreign ships over the past 10 years, around 51.5 percent of the total escorted, according to a Ministry of National Defense statement.
01-02 00:11:29
Defense Ministry's Regular Press Conference on Dec. 27
A nation builds itself through hardships and a military steels itself through adversities. The Chinese military will never stop its reform and opening up. And the door will open even wider.
12-27 22:26:46
Defense Ministry's Regular Press Conference on Nov.29
China will fulfill the international obligations, and will continue to make contributions to regional peace and stability and also to protect major sea lines of communication.
11-30 00:50:10
Adjustment on military policies, institutions to deepen reform
China's latest move to reform military policies and institutions serves as an underpinning for deepening national defense and military reform in the new era, a military spokesperson said Thursday.
11-16 01:10:40

Military Services

Chinese military warns off US warship and keeps alert to situation
Naval and air forces of PLA Southern Theater Command conducted whole-process monitoring of a US warship that had trespassed into Chinese territorial waters off the Xisha Islands without permission, and warned it to leave.
01-07 23:17:17
Chinese military monitors, warns US warship
Chinese military monitored a US warship that entered Chinese territorial waters without permission and warned it to leave on Monday, a spokesman said on Friday.
11-30 22:37:18
Air Force Spokesman: Highlights of Airshow China 2018
The new fighter jets and various active main battle equipment of the Chinese PLA Air Force will be on display at the air show.
11-05 17:21:42
China's J-20 stealth jets conduct first over-the-sea combat training
China's J-20 stealth fighter jets have begun their first-ever combat training over the ocean, a spokesperson confirmed Wednesday.
05-09 21:27:25

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China opposes foreign participation in Taiwan submarine production
China on Monday expressed stern opposition to participation by the United States and other countries in Taiwan's submarine production project.
01-15 01:30:25
China-DPRK relations open a new chapter in 2019: FM
Chinese president Xi Jinping held talks with Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea on Tuesday. The two leaders exchanged ideas on issues of common concern and informed each other of their respective countries' situations.
01-11 09:10:57
China opposes US provocation in its territorial waters: FM
China on Monday voiced firm opposition to a U.S. warship trespassing into China's territorial waters off the Xisha Islands, and urged the U.S. side to immediately stop such kind of provocative actions.
01-07 21:42:40
China encourages DPRK, U.S. to work for denuclearization of Korean Peninsula
China said on Wednesday it hoped that the DPRK and the US would respect and accommodate each other's reasonable concerns to achieve progress in the denuclearization of and establishing a peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula in the new year.
01-03 00:49:39

Other Sources

Beijing objects to contacts with Taiwan by foreign officials
Beijing reiterated on Wednesday its strong opposition to any form of exchanges between officials of foreign countries and Taiwan.
11-15 11:04:38
China hopes Japan could tackle Taiwan-related issues properly: spokesperson
China hopes Japan will keep its promise and properly deal with Taiwan-related issues so as to safeguard the political foundation for the healthy development of China-Japan relations, a spokesperson said Wednesday.
11-01 10:11:25
Mainland reiterates opposition to military contact between U.S., Taiwan
The Chinese mainland resolutely opposes official contacts and military links in any form between the United States and Taiwan, a spokesperson said Wednesday.
10-17 23:19:24
Taiwan leader's speech shows sinister anti-mainland intention
A mainland spokesman for Taiwan affairs said the island's leader Tsai Ing-wen's speech on Wednesday showed the "sinister intention" to cooperate with anti-China forces in the West to curtain the mainland.
10-11 08:34:11