Ministry of National Defense

Defense Ministry's Regular Press Conference on Oct. 31
Quitting the INF Treaty shows that the US is pursuing a unilateralism policy and shirking international responsibilities. We are firmly opposed to deploying land-based intermediate-range weapons in the Asian-Pacific region by the US side.
11-01 13:08:04
"Dragon, elephant to dance together" right choice for China, India: spokesperson
Realizing a scenario where the dragon and the elephant dance together is the right choice for China and India, a military spokesperson told a press conference Thursday.
11-01 00:43:17
Defense Ministry's Regular Press Conference on Sept. 26
The glorious progress China has achieved in the past 70 years has proved no small tricks can impede the great development of China and the Chinese military.
09-27 12:00:26
PLA blasts US over hype of 'Chinese threat'
The PLA opposes the United States' recent actions and rhetoric that distort China's strategic intent, undermine its sovereignty and hype the so-called Chinese threat, Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang, spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, said on Thursday.
09-27 08:49:30

Military Services

Chinese Military: U.S. should correctly handle Taiwan issue
Eastern Theater Command of Chinese People's Liberation Army's spokesperson Zhang Chunhui on Wednesday responded to the issue about the USS Chancellorsville recently sailing through Taiwan Straits.
11-14 09:59:53
Chinese military monitors, warns U.S. warship Meyer to leave
China sent military vessels and aircraft to identify the U.S. warship Wayne E. Meyer, made a warning and demanded it to leave the area after the latter trespassing into China's territorial waters off the Xisha Islands on Friday without permission of the Chinese government, Senior Colonel Li Huamin said on Friday in a statement.
09-16 08:47:57
PLA spokesperson urges US to stop provocative actions in South China Sea
Chinese naval and air forces on August 28 conducted the whole-process monitoring of a US warship that had trespassed into the adjacent waters off China's Nansha Islands without permission and warned it to leave, a spokesperson of the Chinese PLA said on Thursday.
08-29 10:12:49
China rejects U.S. acting defense secretary's "false remarks" on Taiwan
China firmly rejects the "false remarks" on Taiwan-related issues made by U.S. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan at the ongoing 18th Shangri-La Dialogue, Chinese Lieutenant General Shao Yuanming said here on Saturday.
06-01 23:13:30

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China urges India to respect its territorial sovereignty
China on Thursday urged India to respect its territorial sovereignty and abide by relevant agreements reached between the two sides after the South Asian country announced in the day the establishment of the so-called "Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir" and "Union Territory of Ladakh," placing part of Chinese territory under Indian administration.
11-01 08:14:01
Any attempt to smear China doomed to fail: spokesperson
A foreign ministry spokesperson on Thursday said that any attempt to smear China or obstruct China's stability and development is futile and doomed to fail.
11-01 00:47:02
China urges Australia to rethink its China policy as 'China Threat leads to dead ends'
At a press conference on Wednesday, Geng Shuang, the spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said that China expects Australia to draw a lesson from the recently fluctuated relations.
10-31 00:49:45
China's Ambassador fires back to US’ unwarranted accusations at UN
A special debate on nuclear disarmament was held at the First Committee for Disarmament and International Security at the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly on October 22. H.E. Mr. Li Song, China's Ambassador for Disarmament Affairs, elaborated China's nuclear policy proposition and made a strong response to the US representative’s attack on China's national defense construction and arms control policies.
10-25 08:25:00

Other Sources

Xi's remarks point way to stabilizing Hong Kong situation
President Xi Jinping's latest remarks on the Hong Kong situation are the strongest voice from the central government on the work of ending violence and chaos in Hong Kong, a spokesperson said Friday.
11-16 00:53:43
Fu Cong: international arms control and non-proliferation mechanism at a dangerous crossroad
Fu Cong, Director-General of the Department of Arms Control of Chinese Foreign Ministry, gave a keynote speech on November 8, local time.
11-11 18:50:00
U.S. urged to stop interfering in China's internal affairs with Taiwan-related bills
China resolutely opposes U.S. interference in Taiwan and the country's internal affairs by passing a series of so called Taiwan-related bills, as the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to review a "TAIPEI Act" on Wednesday morning.
10-31 00:52:57
U.S. passing of HK-related act reflects Cold-War mentality
Zang Tiewei, a spokesperson for the Commission of Legislative Affairs of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, on Friday denounced the U.S. House of Representatives' passing of the so-called Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019.
10-19 01:23:42