Eastern MD special forces arrive in China to participate in ASEAN International counter-terrorism exercise

Russian Federation Defence Ministry
Chen Zhuo
2019-11-18 16:58:13

A group of servicemen from the Eastern Military District, including special forces, arrived in the People's Republic of China to prepare for participation in the international anti-terrorism exercise of ASEAN countries and their dialogue partners.

Eastern Military District representatives have already begun training to practice the upcoming actions as part of the international anti-terrorist group.

So, special forces carry out raid actions in urban conditions, moving around the streets, moving inside buildings, including when militants use chemical poisonous substances.

It is worth noting that the exercise will use the most modern methods of combating terrorism, based on real experience in recent years.

In order to provide the best quality training, military servicemen of the district conducted a series of trainings at the point of permanent deployment aimed at mastering international methods of combating terrorists.

The active phase of the exercise is scheduled for the second half of November.

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