Recipients of CPC's highest honor

Wang Xinjuan
2021-06-29 21:33:05

BEIJING, June 29 (Xinhua) -- The award ceremony of the July 1 Medal, the highest honor in the Communist Party of China (CPC), was held Tuesday morning at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, presented the medals to outstanding CPC members.

A total of 29 people received the honor, including three who were awarded the medal posthumously, and 22 of them attended the ceremony.

The recipients are:

Ma Maojie, known for her heroic contribution to the campaign to cross the Yangtze River during the Chinese People's War of Liberation;

Wang Shumao, a role model in safeguarding the country's rights and interests in the South China Sea;

Wang Zhanshan, a war hero who participated in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea and other battles;

Wang Lanhua, a community worker rendering volunteer services at her residential community;

Ai Aiguo, a skilled and innovative welder;

Shi Guangyin, an exemplary individual who leads efforts in afforestation and combating desertification;

Lyu Qiming, a renowned composer whose works include many revolution-themed songs;

Ting Bater, a paragon of hard work who spent decades helping improve the lives of herders in border areas;

Liu Guijin, a veteran diplomat who made outstanding contributions to promoting Sino-African friendship;

Sun Jingkun, a veteran and a village official dedicated to improving people's living standards;

Memetjan Wumer, a village official in Xinjiang dedicated to safeguarding ethnic unity and opposing ethnic separatism;

Li Hongta, a Party loyalist known for his great moral integrity and a keen sense of responsibility;

Wu Tianyi, a doctor who blazed a trail in the study of altitude sickness medication;

Xin Yuling, an expert physician in thoracic surgery;

Zhang Guimei, a teacher working for female education in poverty-stricken mountainous areas;

Lu Yuanjiu, a pioneer of automation science and technology;

Chen Hongjun, a young soldier of the People's Liberation Army who died defending the country's borders in 2020;

Lin Dan, a community worker who serves residents wholeheartedly;

Zhoigar, a guardian of the country's borders on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau;

Zhou Yongkai, a former official who devoted himself to poverty reduction and local development;

Chai Yunzhen, a hero of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea. Chai passed away in 2018;

Guo Ruixiang, a Red Army veteran who had participated in several revolutionary struggles;

Huang Dafa, known for his remarkable contributions to China's anti-poverty campaign;

Huang Wenxiu, a village official who died in 2019 on the frontline of China's war against poverty;

Huang Baomei, an outstanding representative of textile workers who strived for the goal of "making clothes for the Chinese people";

Cui Daozhi, a criminal investigation expert and a role model police officer;

Lan Tianye, a well-known performance artist;

Wei Deyou, a retired worker of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps who safeguarded the border area for more than 50 years;

Qu Duyi, a veteran journalist who worked for Xinhua News Agency.


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