China's development path charted by CPC "impressive" -- Canadian communist leader

Li Wei
2021-07-11 22:36:43

OTTAWA, July 10 (Xinhua) -- The Communist Party of China (CPC) has led the Chinese people to score unprecedented achievements and the country's development road is "impressive," a Canadian communist leader has said.

"We are very impressed with the developments in China. And we know that it's the Communist Party that charts the road ahead. It's an impressive road," said Elizabeth Rowley, leader of the Communist Party of Canada, in a recent interview with Xinhua via video link.

Over the past 40 years, the world has seen such a rapid development of productive forces in China. "In every respect the development has proceeded. These are unprecedented in history," said the Canadian communist.

"Life is getting better for people in China," she said. "Rapidity of development and very important gains are very important markers in terms of what the future holds also for the world and for China and the Chinese people."

"The influence of the Communist Party of China is growing as the country is growing as a result of its achievements and its trade policies, which are for mutual benefit," Rowley said.

Many people around the world are watching and hoping that the Chinese developments will help with world relations and developments, she said, adding, "what is happening in China, is not because of military intervention, but as a result of competition and the support that China has given to through fair trade agreements and so on around the world."

Recalling her visit to China in 2018, Rowley said "we were very impressed with what we saw," including the nation's battle against poverty, the struggle against corruption and the efforts for climate change.

The Canadian delegation saw big changes in China's rural areas. "These are all signs of a country that is moving forward at a very rapid pace to improve the living standards and living conditions and the working conditions of people," she said.

When they were in Beijing and Shenzhen, "the skies were very clear. It was really remarkable to see what can be done when governments put their minds to it," Rowley said.

She also praised the Chinese government's actions in fighting COVID-19 once it understood the pandemic and acted very quickly.

Noting that China has developed vaccines against the coronavirus, which are being made available to developing countries around the world, Rowley said, "This is the essence of humanity and humanism what we are seeing from China."

(Video reporters: Li Baodong and Li Haitao; Video editors: Liu Xiaorui and Lin Lin)


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