"Most beautiful veterans" urge ex-service personnel to contribute more to China's development

Li Jiayao

BEIJING, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- Five of the "most beautiful veterans" honored for their achievements last year, on Tuesday urged fellow ex-service personnel to contribute more to China's development.

They made the remarks while sharing their work experience and advice on how newly retired soldiers can better adjust to a civilian life, get employed or start business.

Among the five was Chen Kunyuan, 34, a veteran-turned entrepreneur in fresh vegetable delivery sector. Built from scratch, his company now boasts an annual revenue of more than 500 million yuan (about 73.45 million U.S. dollars).

"Veterans can be an important force in boosting economic development, a key role similar to the one they played in safeguarding the country," Chen said. "As veterans, we can continue serving the country by playing an exemplary role in adhering to the law and realizing our personal values in new undertakings."

Wang Guiwu, 60, a serviceman from 1978 to 1980, and now chairman of a Tianjin-based company, touched many in China, as he had been looking after and supporting 16 mothers whose children lost their lives when combating floods in 1998, as well as participating in earthquake relief operations in 2008.

"Whatever business you want to go in, morals come first," Wang said. "For those veterans who want to start their business, I would advise them to set a realistic target, and achieve it step by step."

A platform created by Wang to provide career planning, vocational training, employment and business-starting services to military veterans, has so far brought jobs to more than 200 ex-servicemen or their family members, and helped 30 veterans to start a business.

The Ministry of Veterans Affairs was unveiled in April 2018 with the country vowing to provide better services to and protect the legal rights and interests of veterans.

Chinese authorities issued a guideline in August to help military veterans find jobs or set up businesses.

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