Spokesperson: recent cruise around Taiwan tests PLA's joint operations capability

China Military Online
Wang Kai
2019-04-15 18:21:57

(File Photo)

BEIJING, April 15 (ChinaMil) -- Senior Colonel Zhang Chunhui, Spokesperson for the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), made remarks on the PLA naval and air forces’ recent cruise operations around the Taiwan island on Monday afternoon.

“The PLA Eastern Theater Command has recently dispatched its naval and air forces, including ships, bombers and reconnaissance aircraft, to cruise around the Taiwan island and conduct necessary training and drills, testing the capability of multi-service integrated joint operations,” said Senior Colonel Zhang. “The operation is a normal arrangement within the annual plan and is entirely the justified and legitimate rights of a sovereign state. It is conducive to maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits.”

“The troops of the PLA Eastern Theater Command always keep in mind their missions and tasks, strive to enhance their capability of winning battles in the new era, and will resolutely safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Zhang added.

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