PLA Navy team achieves new success in Italian annual sailing trophy

China Military Online
Wang Kai
2019-05-07 18:47:24
The sailing team of China’s Dalian Naval Academy displays national flag in the parade at the 35th Naval Academies Regatta in the streets of Livorno, Italy. ( by Yang Liang)

LIVORNO, May 7 (ChinaMil) -- Recently, good news from Livorno, Italy says that the sailing team of the PLA Dalian Naval Academy had won the third place in the 35th Naval Academies Regatta on May 1, during the event of International Sailing Week of Naval Academy and the city of Livorno.

The Naval Academies Regatta was initiated by the Italian Naval Academy and the City of Livorno in 1981. Livorno is home to the Italian Naval Academy which annually hosts the sailing trophy popular in navies across the world. This year marks the 11th time for the PLA Dalian Naval Academy to participate in the event.

Starting from April 28, the regatta has attracted a total of 27 teams from 26 countries, including Italy, China, the UK, Spain and Norway, etc., marking the largest number of participating countries and highest level of strength of the event.

The sailing team of the Dalian Naval Academy is the first of its kind for the PLA Navy since its establishment in 2006. It has won medals in many important sporting events both at home and abroad, including the Italian Naval Academies Regatta, the Brazilian Navy International Regatta, the China-Japan-Korea Keelboat Friendship Regatta, and the China Cup International Regatta (CCIR).


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