Poland plans record military budget to modernize army: defense minister

Li Jiayao
2019-09-05 08:48:41

WARSAW, Sep. 4 (Xinhua) -- Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said on Wednesday that the government plans to spend a record 185 billion Polish zloty (47 billion U.S. dollars) on a plan to modernize the army by 2026.

One of the key investments will be the purchase of military planes F-35 from American provider Lokheed Martin.

Speaking to Polish radio Trojka on Wednesday, Blaszczak said a deal with the Americans was already complete, and only the price of the planes is still to be negotiated.

The minister said Polish defense spending would be stable, at 2 percent of GDP.

He said the expenditure planned by the current Polish government by 2026 was higher by 45 billion zloty compared to the previous spending period.

Blaszczak also announced that the government was working on directions for modernization of the army up to 2035, with a plan ready to be adopted this autumn.

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