Reasons behind endless US troop withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan
The US military recently announced to reduce its troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to about 3,000 and 4,500 by the end of September and November respectively. European and American mainstream media related the troop withdrawal with the upcoming US presidential election, saying that the move was mainly to help Trump’s reelection.
09-17 17:24:29
Provoking China will not help cure India's 'diseases'
Recently, India's repeated aggressive moves on the China-India border may temporarily instigate domestic nationalist sentiments and cover up the double-strike crisis of the severe pandemic and economic recession, but it cannot shift the deep-seated contradictions in India.
09-09 17:34:58
Political wrestling behind US-Russia military airplane interception
Military aircraft interception is a usual maneuver in the US-Russia tug-of-war in international airspace to deter and pressure each other, with their ever more poignant conflicts and more frequent and intense confrontations in military security field in recent years.
08-31 18:21:43
Closer US-Poland defense cooperation escalates regional tension
Moscow is highly vigilant and strongly dissatisfied with the new moves between the US and Poland, which it believes are intended to turn Warsaw into a bridgehead in confronting Russia and will add fuel to flame on the Russia-Poland relations that has been nosediving this year due to historical issues left from WWII.
08-21 17:12:40
U.S. Army chief says military leaders see combat as last resort
U.S. Army's top general on Tuesday defended military leaders after President Donald Trump's claim that Pentagon leaders sought wars to please defense industries.
09-10 09:29:17
EUFOR launches annual military exercise in BiH
The European Union Force Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUFOR) launched its annual Quick Response military exercise at the Butmir military camp near BiH capital Sarajevo, EUFOR said in a press release on Sunday.
08-31 10:22:16
Georgia, NATO countries to launch multinational military exercise in September
Georgia will have a multinational military drill named "Noble Partner 2020" with NATO member states at the Vaziani military base near its capital Tbilisi in September, the Georgian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.
08-28 10:48:06
Poland, U.S. sign military agreement
Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak and visiting U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed an agreement on Saturday for the expansion of the U.S. military presence and the creation of a regional headquarter in Poland.
08-15 23:38:28