US should reward DPRK’s goodwill
On the surface, agreement over denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula following the Inter-Korean Summit and Panmunjom Declaration seemed easy, but the latest US-DPRK high-level talks have proven otherwise.
07-13 16:35:22
PLA Daily: Russia changes geopolitical situation via S-400 sale
The S-400 sales have not only provided Russia a huge financial gain, but also played an important role in helping Russia to improve the diplomatic situation and expand its strategic space after the Ukraine crisis.
07-12 16:08:15
As NATO’s JAP Strategy targets Russia, Trump-Putin summit useless
With the goal of containing China, Trump hopes to promote reconciliation between the US and Russia. But the Trump-Putin summit can hardly solve their lack of mutual trust. After all, the US and other Western countries have deceived Russia too many times.
07-11 08:45:53
Joint Air Power Strategy unveils NATO’s current concern
The document acknowledges that the NATO Air Power may no longer have air superiority in complex environments, and also emphasizes the establishment of cyber force combat capabilities.
07-09 17:05:29
Moroccan navy rescues 78 illegal migrants off northern coast
The Moroccan navy have rescued 78 illegal sub-Saharan African migrants off the kingdom's northern coast, local media reported on Sunday.
07-15 22:16:33
Iran's army chief to visit Pakistan on July 15
The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces will start a three-day visit to Pakistan on Sunday, official IRNA news agency reported Saturday.
07-14 23:29:42
Pakistan army chief confirms death penalty of 12 hardcore terrorists
Pakistan's Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Friday confirmed the death sentence to another 12 "hardcore terrorists," who were involved in heinous offenses related to attacking armed forces, law enforcement agencies, destruction of educational institution and killing of innocent civilians, the military said.
07-14 01:01:58
Thai navy to step up safety measures after Phuket boat accident
The Thai Navy will work with harbor officials and the police to tighten safety checks on tourist boats across Phuket following a deadly accident, commander of Thai Naval Area 3 Somnuek Prempramote said on Friday.
07-14 00:13:53