Quad's ambition on UN reform likely leads to nowhere
The Quad was established as a security dialogue at the beginning, and it has gradually been shaped into an organization involving cooperation in multiple spheres. The urge for a UN reform can be considered a breakthrough for the group, as it is more evident than ever that the Quad countries hope for a bigger say in the global community.
09-25 22:33:15
Why America's "new alliance system" is doomed to fail
This means that the new alliance system that the US has in mind with China and Russia as the imaginary enemies is essentially a loose system of values rather than an all-around alliance system encompassing values as well as political, military and economic aspects like during the Cold War.
09-23 18:12:20
Britain issues first space power document
Analysts believe that this marks that the development of the British military's space force construction has entered an "acceleration period". However, due to the limitation of its own strength, the UK's space force still faces many difficulties in its development.
09-20 17:27:09
US seeking hegemony with nuclear force to harm other countries and itself
It is reported the US has possessed 5,428 nuclear warheads as of January 2022, ranking top in the world. The US nuclear strikes mainly include three types, that is, with land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarine-launched ballistic missiles and strategic bombers, forming a 3-D nuclear strike system of land, sea and air. In addition, the US has a large number of small tactical nuclear weapons. Data show that the US has about 400 nuclear bombs, which can be carried and dropped by multi-model fighter jets.
09-23 18:00:15
UN chief calls for all-out efforts to eliminate nuclear threat
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday called for the use of every means to eliminate the nuclear threat.
09-27 16:39:35
U.S. reaffirms 'ironclad commitment' to Japan's defense
Vice President Kamala Harris reaffirmed the ironclad commitment of the U.S. to Japan's defense, the White House said in a statement on Monday after the vice president met with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio in Tokyo.
09-26 20:27:20
High-level panel on security, development in Sahel launched at UN
The Independent High-Level Panel on Security and Development in the Sahel was launched Saturday in New York during a high-level event on the war-torn region on the margins of the UN General Assembly's annual debate.
09-26 15:07:17
S.Korea, U.S. launch joint maritime drills involving U.S. aircraft carrier
South Korea and the United States on Monday launched their joint maritime drills near the Korean Peninsula, involving a U.S. aircraft carrier and over 20 warships from the two sides.
09-26 15:05:40