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Motives behind Libya's Tripoli airport attack show intricate relations to terrorist forces
As the motives behind the recent attack on Tripoli airport in Libya were heatedly discussed, relations to terrorist groups and their arrangements and coordination came into the spotlight, analysts have pointed out.
01-17 17:36:42
Vancouver meet may achieve little in addressing North Korea nuclear crisis
The recent Seoul-Pyongyang détente over the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games has placed the Vancouver meeting in a somewhat awkward position. At such a meeting with ulterior motives and little authority, what attendees need to do is just clap their hands for the organizers.
01-16 08:09:06
International counter-terrorism faces new challenges
We should fundamentally eradicate the breeding ground for terrorism to reduce the number of "latecomer" terrorist organizations and "second-generation" terrorists. Only with this can humankind be able to gradually eradicate terrorism.
01-12 17:56:12
What's Trump's military strategy?
The Trump administration released its first National Security Strategy Report of his first year in office. Through this report and the various moves during the past year, Trump administration's national security strategy and military strategy are getting clearer.
01-12 17:55:26
Russian FM calls for preservation of Iran nuclear deal
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said here on Thursday that preserving the international agreement on Iran's nuclear program was important, as failure of the deal would send "an alarming message for the entire international security architecture."
01-19 08:58:22
UN chief warns of increasing threats of weapons of mass destruction
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday warned that threats posed by weapons of mass destruction seem to be gathering force in today's world.
01-19 08:27:56
Turkey seeks Russian support for anti-Kurdish military operation in northern Syria
Turkish top general and intelligence chief met their Russian counterparts in Moscow on Thursday as Ankara seeks Russian support for opening Syrian airspace to Turkish military jets, as well as coordination with Russian troops in Turkey's potential military intervention against Kurdish militia in Syria's northern province of Afrin.
01-19 08:18:35
Turkey deploys more tanks to Syrian border
Turkish army dispatched nine reinforcement tanks to its southern border province H
01-19 08:11:32