NATO throws 'nuclear bait' to South Korea
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg started his visit to South Korea and Japan on Sunday, but the "gifts" he brings with him aren't good. During his trip to South Korea, he mainly discussed issues related to North Korea. He said that the visit demonstrated "the increased importance of the partnership between NATO and the Republic of Korea."
01-31 10:44:10
US military-industrial complex takes advantage of Ukraine crisis to make big fortune
Data released by the US State Department on January 25 showed that US arms sales to other countries and regions had a year-over-year increase of nearly 50 percent in Fiscal Year 2022. One important reason is the escalation of the Ukraine crisis. Many analysts pointed out that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a tragedy for the world, but American arms dealers have made big fortune out of this crisis.
01-30 16:45:14
World sees more complicated trends in joint military exercises in 2023
The past year of 2022 has seen an eventful world shrouded in dark clouds of conflicts, with joint military exercises being staged one after another across the world against the background of the yearlong Russia-Ukraine conflict. As confrontation is growing in intensity, military exercises have become more tech-oriented - new technologies are tested, new equipment keeps emerging, and new forces are coming to the fore.
01-29 17:56:48
Japan and ROK to be in danger in promoting NATO’s ambitions in Asia-Pacific
Japan and South Korea should have been beneficiaries of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region and regional integration. However, they have turned into destroyers of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region amidst the populist agitation of domestic conservative politicians.
01-29 17:55:27
U.S. foreign arms sales increase significantly in fiscal 2022 mainly due to military support for Ukraine
U.S. foreign arms sales grew significantly in fiscal year 2022, according to data released by the Department of State, which attributed the increase mainly to U.S. military support for Ukraine during the latter's conflict with Russia.
01-28 09:31:38
Indian defense ministry approves military procurement
India's defense ministry approved proposals worth 523.7 million U.S. dollars for the military to strengthen the country's deterrence and combat readiness, officials said Wednesday.
01-11 15:47:43
Sweden confident over NATO membership
Sweden's prime minister said he is confident that his country's application to join the NATO military alliance will be approved, but it will not meet all the requirements set down by Turkiye, one of the group's most strategically significant members, which currently opposes Sweden joining.
01-10 23:39:05
UN Security Council confirms re-authorization of cross-border aid deliveries into Syria
Resolution 2672 calls on all UN member states to respond with practical steps to address the urgent needs of the Syrian people, and welcomes ongoing efforts and encourages further initiatives to broaden the humanitarian activities in Syria.
01-10 15:09:37