Iran probes into situation cautiously under US extreme pressure
It is not difficult to find that while Iran is flexing its muscle, it still repeatedly expresses the willingness to stay in the Iranian nuclear deal. Its actions are still controllable and reversible, and the main intention is to urge Europe to take concrete actions.
11-14 20:18:12
US senior officials visit ROK in turn to save GSOMIA
Several US government and military high-ranking officials have visited ROK since November 13th to save the ROK-Japan General Security of Military Information Agreement that will be invalid soon.
11-14 17:24:30
Macron: NATO is heading for “brain-death”
The rift between the US and Europe will further expand unless the US changes its traditional zero-sum game thinking of "Winners Take All".
11-13 17:32:56
Russia worried about thousands of satellites deployed by US: Reasonable
This is not the first time that Russia has expressed concern about the huge satellite cluster deployed by the US in space. Previously, the Russian Astro Space Center issued a report saying that the satellites of the US GSSAP, located in the geosynchronous orbit to monitor military satellites of other countries, maneuver at high frequency.
11-12 10:51:14
Russian radio-technical troops carry out Arctic drills
Units of Russian radio-technical troops have carried out drills of detecting possible airborne intruders on Wrangel Island between the Chukchi Sea and East Siberian Sea in the Arctic Ocean, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday.
11-17 00:00:09
Somali army kills 5 al-Shabab militants
Somali National Army (SNA) on Wednesday killed five al-Shabab extremists in an operation in the central region of Hiran, a military official confirmed on Thursday.
11-15 00:37:05
DPRK warns U.S. against new military drills with South Korea
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) gave a stern warning on Wednesday night against a planned joint military drill to be held by the United States and South Korea.
11-14 00:36:52
Top U.S. military officer to urge S. Korea not to scrap intel pact with Japan
The U.S. military's top officer expressed his intentions on Tuesday to encourage South Korea not to pull out of an intelligence sharing pact with Japan.
11-13 00:52:59