UK approves largest defense budget to revive past glory
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced an increase of £16.5 billion in defense spending recently.It is of great importance.
11-24 18:28:03
Franco-German disagreement highlights EU's policy plight
The divergence between France and Germany on European sovereignty is the epitome of disagreements on the EU's future roads -- namely whether to restore close relations with US or to promote EU independence.
11-24 17:52:02
Japan-Australia “quasi-alliance” threatens regional stability
If Japan and Australia assign troops to or build military bases in each other's countries according to RAA, it would be a de facto violation of the Peace Constitution and further clear the way for Japan's military ambitions.
11-23 17:44:27
NATO holds Cyber Coalition exercise to seize high ground in cyber security
About 1,000 officials and experts from NATO allied nations, four partner nations (Finland, Ireland, Sweden, and Switzerland) and the European Union took part in NATO’s Cyber Coalition exercise on November 16. The exercise took place in a virtual environment this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
11-19 17:20:59
Russian warship stops U.S. navy ship from violating Russia's border
A U.S. warship was tracked down and stopped by a Russian navy destroyer on Tuesday after it had violated Russia's territorial waters, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
11-24 23:44:43
U.S. missile destroyer USS Donald Cook heads for Black Sea
An U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer has started a journey to the Black Sea for regular patrols as part of a NATO mission, Ukrinform news agency reported Monday.
11-23 23:43:03
Afghans outraged by alleged war crimes by Australian soldiers
The alleged war crimes committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan during their military mission have drawn strong reaction from Afghans, who condemned the killings of innocent people.
11-23 22:55:47
U.S. withdraws from Open Skies Treaty, Russia hopes remaining parties meet commitments
The United States said on Sunday that it officially withdrew from the Open Skies Treaty, in yet another move to abandon a major international arms control agreement.
11-23 00:07:11