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What firearms are in US $110B arms deal with Saudi Arabia?
U.S. President Donald Trump sealed a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia on Saturday.So what are the equipment that the US could sell to Saudi Arabia? What is the prospect of the future arms sales between the two countries?
05-22 16:26:37
Japan using DPRK issue to beef up military
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is using the rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula to its advantage. The Japanese media are playing up the nuclear and ballistic missile tests by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, making Japanese people more apprehensive of the threat from Pyongyang.
05-12 07:42:38
How sure is US to help Israel and the Palestinians reach peace?
The US President Donald Trump held talks with the visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday at the White House and they delivered a joint television speech.
05-05 17:27:19
Three weeks really enough to recapture Mosul?
According to analysts, although the critical phase of the Mosul Battle has come, it is too early to assert that May will be the time to end the fight.
05-03 17:24:42
U.S. military post lockdown lifted with no shooter found
Lockdown at a military post in the southeastern U.S. state of Alabama has been lifted hours after a "possible active shooter" was reported Tuesday morning.
06-28 08:38:32
Iraqi army says half of Mosul's old city freed from IS
The Iraqi military said on Tuesday that 50 percent of Mosul's old city center has been liberated so far from Islamic State (IS) militants.
06-28 08:37:54
Russia successfully launches Bulava ballistic missile
The Borey-class submarine "Yuriy Dolgorukiy" carried out a successful launch of the RSM-56 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile on Monday.
06-28 08:37:08
Finland to sign two new defence agreements with Western Europe
This week Finland will enter a British led contingency unit plan and sign a framework agreement with Germany on defence cooperation, the Finnish Defence Ministry announced on Tuesday.
06-27 22:17:45