Space: The next "hotpot" for arms race?
At present, space is becoming a new focus of strategic wrestling and a new "battlefield" of arms race for major countries in the world. Since US President Donald Trump announced the establishment of a Space Force, the weaponization and militarization of space has become a hotly discussed topic, and some other countries have followed suit.
07-22 22:59:14
French Military's ambition is too wild for its strength
On July 12, France launched its first Barracuda-class nuclear-powered attack submarine, the Suffren. On July 13, France announced that it would create a Joint Space Command (JSC). On July 14, it held a two-hour long National Day Military Parade.
07-19 20:51:13
What's the way out for a tumultuous Libya?
The turbulence in Libya won't quiet down any time soon.The process toward a political settlement calls for greater sincerity and more efforts from all parties concerned.
07-18 15:37:08
Why does America propose military escort coalition in the Persian Gulf ?
If the Strait of Hormuz is in trouble, so will the Gulf region, and no country will be able to step back unscathed. Countries by the strait are fully aware of this and know they will bring trouble to themselves by blindly following the US.
07-16 18:42:42
German military rejected 63 applicants over security concerns since 2017
The Bundeswehr rejected 63 applicants over the past two years because of "the existence of a security risk," according to a response by the German Ministry of Defense to a parliamentary inquiry by the Left faction on Monday.
07-23 08:25:11
Iran dismantles CIA "spying network," sentences some to death
Iran's Intelligence Ministry on Monday announced that it has dismantled a spying network inside the country serving the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States.
07-22 23:11:45
Venezuela says intercepted U.S. intelligence plane in its airspace
The Venezuelan armed forces have intercepted a U.S. intelligence plane after it entered the South American country's airspace, the Venezuelan government said Sunday.
07-22 23:10:29
Hun Sen deems report of Cambodia-China secret deal on military base as 'fake news'
Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen denied a Wall Street Journal's report Monday claiming the country signed a secret agreement with China to allow Chinese armed forces to use its Ream naval base in southwestern Preah Sihanouk province, deeming it "fake news."
07-22 16:19:17