Chinese peacekeepers provide Lebanon civilians with free medical service

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2020-03-06 22:57:32
Chinese peacekeeping doctor examines a villager at a medical station. (Photo by Sun Shuai)

By Sun Shuai

BEIRUT, Mar.6 -- Medical staff from the Level I hospital of the 18th Chinese peacekeeping multifunctional engineer contingent to Lebanon regularly provide medical service and medicines, all for free, to improve the medical conditions of local residents in southern Lebanon.

The southern Lebanon has been devastated by the 2006 Lebanon War. Gun holes left in wartime are still obvious on walls of many houses. Village clinics are in poor condition and drug shortage.

Learning about the situation, the 18th Chinese peacekeeping contingent decided to dispatch medical staff to three villages near their barrack for medical assistance on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Now, on every date of the Chinese medics’ arrival, the villagers will line up early at the medical stations.

"We will transfer the patients with trauma or severe symptoms to Chinese barrack for detailed examination and more professional treatment. The medical stations are mainly for distributing medicines, " doctor Zhang Bin introduced.

It is learnt that the 18th Chinese peacekeeping multifunctional engineer contingent to Lebanon has conducted more than 90 medical visits and treated more than 3,300 person-times since its deployment to the mission area at the end of May last year.

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