China to hold summit on big data application in military equipment

China Military Online
Yang Tao
2020-04-20 12:06:26

By Zhang Bin, Chen Bo

BEIJING, Apr. 20 – It is learnt from the Equipment Development Department (EDD) of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC) that the Chinese military is to hold the Equipment Big Data Summit 2020 in the coming September.

The summit aims at further propelling application of such technological achievements as big data, cloud computing and AI in China’s military equipment development, and upgrading the capability of modern governance system.

The summit will be hosted by the EDD’s Equipment System Assessment Center. The organizers have now published notification on soliciting essays from big data practitioners inside and outside the military. And the essays to be solicited cover a wide range of areas, including data service system, data collection and storage, data governance and security, intelligent computing application, and block chain application.

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