China to start military recruitment for second half of 2021

China Military Online
Li Wei
2021-04-01 17:33:00

BEIJING, Apr. 1 -- As of March 31, the transportation of new military recruits in the first half of 2021 has wrapped up, marking the completion of the first spring recruitment after China’s annual military recruitment was turned into semiannual events. The registration work for the second half of 2021 will begin immediately.

According to the national recruitment network (, the registration period for male soldiers in the second half of 2021 lasts from April 1 to August 15, mainly targeting junior high school graduates at the age of 18-20, senior high school graduates or higher education background including college students at the age of 18-22, and college graduates aged 18-24.

The recruitment of female soldiers is to be run from June 26 to August 15, and those who have graduated from senior high schools or full-time colleges or universities this year with the age from 18 to 22 are entitled to apply.

In addition, some graduates could be financially compensated through governmental sponsorship or student loan mechanism if meeting corresponding requirements. And high school graduates who have been admitted to colleges and universities this year will have their admission qualifications retained and enjoy the national tuition cut and exemption policy after decommissioning.


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