Int'l Army Games in China open to the public for free

China Military Online
Yao Jianing
2018-07-11 15:54:01

By Liu Jimei and Li Yun

BEIJING, July 11 (ChinaMil) -- The International Army Games (IAG) 2018 will be held on July 28. The Chinese military will host some competitions in Korla, northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Recently, the competition area in Korla started to offer free IAG tickets to the public. People can book free tickets online via

According to the competition organizers from the Chinese PLA Amy, the ticket booking system has been opened to the public since July 6. The system adopted online real-name registration rule, which means that one valid resident identification (ID) number can only apply for one valid account of the Each account can book up to four e-tickets for each competition and each e-ticket must be accompanied by the ID of a real spectator.

IAG is an international military event launched by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The Chinese military has been invited to participate in the game since 2014 and has hosted some competitions since 2017. This year’s IAG will be held in seven countries including China, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Iran.

IAG 2018 has 28 competitions in total. The Chinese delegation will compete for 18 competitions abroad. China will host four competitions, including “Suvorov Attack”, “Clear Sky”, and “Safe Route” competitions held by the Chinese PLA Army in Korla of Xinjiang, as well as the “Seaborne Assault” competition hosted by the Chinese PLA Navy in Quanzhou City of southeast China’s Fujian Province.

At present, bringing their own gears and weapons, the Chinese military contestants that will participate in the four competitions of “Open Water”, “Safe Environment”, “Airborne Platoon”, and “Military Medical Relay Race” in Russia have left China from the land border port of Manzhouli in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

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