Preparations for IAG 2019 well under way

China Military Online
Xu Yi
2019-07-30 17:52:30

KORLA, July 30 (Chinamil) --Participating troops from Armenia, Belarus and Russia arrived at Korla, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, on Sunday morning for the International Army Games 2019 (IAG 2019), and received a warm welcome.

The PLA Ground Force will host four competitions in Korla, namely, "Suvorov Attack" as Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) Crew Competition, "Clear Sky" as Man-Portable Air Defence Missile Teams Competition, "Safe Environment" as Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) Reconnaissance Teams Competition, and "Gunsmith Master" as Weapon Repair Competition. All the 540 members in 24 teams from 12 countries, including China, Belarus, Egypt and Russia, etc. that will participate in these competitions are now in place and will carry out adaptive training in the next few days.

The PLA Ground Force has made a lot of preparations for the game. They renovated and enhanced the tracks, obstacles and target section according to the changed rules, not only expanding the "Suvorov Attack" area and the "Safe Environment" equipment warehouse, but also upgrading the software and hardware of the "four major systems" of display console, directing and broadcasting, evaluating and judging, and target marking.

The participating teams are allowed to use either the equipment and ammunitions provided by Chinese military, or those with the same tactical performance of their own. While the Russian team will use its own equipment and ammos in "Suvorov Attack" and "Clear Sky", all other teams will use those provided by the Chinese host, which will be equally distributed by drawing lots on site in accordance with the competition rules. Colonel Ergashev, leader of the Uzbekistani team, praised at the lot-drawing site, “the lot-drawing ceremony organized by the Chinese side is standard, open and fair. I have no objection of any kind."

After the draw, the handover of gears and ammos from the Chinese host to the participating teams have also been completed. At the later stage, the host will organize equipment operation and pre-competition adaptive training according to the plan, and provide necessary support.

Head of the Zimbabwean team that has been participating in the competitions in China for three consecutive years told the reporter, "We are honored to participate in the IAG and are satisfied with the hospitality of the Chinese military." He hoped to win medals in the competitions and improve their training through the exchanges with foreign militaries.


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