China-Russia Joint Sea 2021 military exercise concludes

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2021-10-23 22:59:31

The ship formations of China and Russia sail in the Western Pacific on October 19, 2021.( by Sun Jingang)

BEIING, Oct. 23 -- At noon on October 23, local time, the China-Russia joint naval exercise Joint Sea 2021 and joint maritime cruise concluded successfully. The two sides' ship formations held a farewell ceremony in the eastern waters of the East China Sea.

During the ceremony, Rear Admiral Bai Yaoping, director of Chinese side and deputy commander of the navy under the PLA Northern Theater Command, said that as another successful practice of the China-Russia joint maritime operations, the joint exercise and joint cruise have further developed the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for the new era, and effectively improved both sides' capabilities of joint operations, which was conducive to jointly maintaining international and regional strategic stability.

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