New field load-carrying equipment debuted in Xinjiang

China Military Online
Li Wei
2021-11-22 18:27:26
Soldiers in new tactical vests are mounting vehicles quickly.

By Li Kang, Zou Junyu

BEIJING, Nov. 22 -- Recently, a company stationed in the plateau area under the Xinjiang Military Command utilized the newly deployed load-carrying equipment (LCE) to conduct a field marching drill.

The company commander Deng Yi introduced that the new field LCE were distributed to the plateau troops in the first half of this year, and a set of LCE comprises more than 20 modules including tactical vest, assault rucksack, pack of daily necessities and functional packs, which enables the soldiers to choose according to specific task requirements.

During the march, Li Xuanxuan, commander of a scout squad under the company, found that the new field LCE has several interfaces to fixate the modules and improve the portability. A cushion is added between the LCE and the waist to buffer the weight and protect the lumbar, making it possible to carry more.

The tactical vest has been largely improved compared with the old-version LCE, which has standard interfaces to go with the functional packs, thus stabilizing the load and facilitating packing/unpacking. There are pockets both on the front and back to insert soft or hard bulletproof layers. The new vest makes new designs in torso protection and fastening along the side waist, making it more comfortable, flexible and formfitting.


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