New noise-cancelling communication headphone debuts in PLA's training

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2022-01-10 17:40:35
Military members assigned to the PLA Beijing Garrison Command wear noise-cancelling headphone OSWD-2C during shooting training.
BEIJING, Jan. 10 -- Recently, at a shooting range of the PLA Beijing Garrison Command, military members participating in the shooting training were equipped with a kind of newly-distributed noise-cancelling headphone OSWD-2C, which was developed by the Sixth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital.
In response to the hearing damage and tinnitus caused by blast from shooting and explosion during military training, the Sixth Medical Center under the PLA General Hospital has developed the noise-cancelling headphone specialized for shooting training.
The on-site training soldiers said that the headset effectively reduced noise interference and hearing damage during firing training, allowing operation orders to be clearly received at the same time, which could absolutely help improve training efficacy.
According to Yang Shiming , director of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery of the Sixth Medical Center under the PLA General Hospital, "this noise-cancelling headphone can effectively reduce noise damage during shooting. It allows a wide communication range, ensuring the soldiers to concentrate on shooting training, thereby improving the shooting accuracy."

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