Xi grants honorary title to PLA Air Force battalion

Li Jiayao
2022-07-28 14:43:30

BEIJING, July 27 (Xinhua) -- Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission, has signed an order to grant a ground-to-air missile battalion of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force the honorary title of "model ground-to-air missile battalion."

The unit receiving the title is among the first ground-to-air missile forces established in the PLA and has shot down multiple enemy aircraft during territorial air defense.

The battalion has been actively exploring combat tactics and strategies, and promoting the innovation of training in actual combat conditions. It has also accomplished several major tasks and significantly contributed to safeguarding national aerial territory.

The order said that all PLA forces ought to learn from the battalion, remain true to the original aspirations, pass down the traditions of revolution, and enhance their loyalty, combat capabilities, morale, and discipline.

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