Airborne troops in parachute training exercise


盛夏,空降兵某部“雷神”突击队开展伞降渗透训练。此次训练持续数日,锤炼了特战队员空降作战、远程渗透和精准打击能力,为部队在复杂条件下遂行任务打下坚实基础。图为抵达预定空域后,特战队员勇敢跃出机舱。顾熙熙 徐家旺 郭帅 摄影报道
A special operations soldier assigned to the "Thunder" Commando of the PLA Air Force airborne troops jumps out of the aircraft during a parachuting training exercise in mid-summer, 2022. The exercise, lasting for several days, aims to hone the troops' combat capabilities in parachuting, long-range penetration and precision strike operations in the complex environment. ( by Gu Xixi, Xu Jiawang and Guo Shuai)

Source:China Military Online